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Influence of First Ladies on a Country's Politics

John Adams, US President from 1797-1801, Federalist

~ Husband of Abigail Adams who was the Unofficial POTUS?  I wonder.

During the presidential term of John Adams, the nation’s capital was moved from Philadelphia to D.C. and the Alien and Seditions Acts gave the president power to imprison or banish foreigners and made criticism of the government a crime.

It was said that his wife, Abigail Adams, influenced her husband’s political endeavors or at best, brought matters to his attention that she thought the government should address, such as women’s rights. They have the letters she wrote to prove it!

Oh really?  

As if … she is the only First Lady who had anything to do with the way this country was run.

Show me a man who is not influenced by his wife and I’ll present him as living proof that “the law is a bachelor”. I suspect that, unlike Mrs. Adams, the wives of other presidents were smart enough not to write their influential thoughts down ON PAPER for future historical reference!   

What do you think?

(Image credit: 5 First Ladies found on Wikimedia Commons)



Timo Thee
29 Nov

I think that it should go without saying the presidents would rely on the cousel of their spouses. This shouldn't be taken as a scandal. 


Treathyl Fox
29 Nov

It should not.  But sometimes reliance upon the advice of the spouse may not be a good thing.  In the history of America, as far as we know, consulting with the First Ladies, has been a good thing.  One of our more recent presidents was sort of teased by his staff because he would often say, before making a decision, that he wanted to discuss the matter with his wife first and would then give his final decision.  Even though they poked fun at him about this, nevertheless, he would make them wait until he had spoken to her.


felix jose chacon
30 Nov

  Excelente Post Treathyl, la mujer siempre será más inteligente que el hombre, ya sea porque tiene la facultad que le dio Dios de tener hijos y llevarlo durante 9 meses en su seno, esto les da como una intuición que a nosotros los hombres no tenemos, por eso creo que es muy inteligente de parte de mandatarios que las toman en cuenta para sus decisiones, gracias por compartir, muchas bendiciones 🙏 y éxitos


Treathyl Fox
30 Nov

Thanks for your comment.  I don't speak Spanish so I used an online translator.  I hope this is correct:  

Women will always be more intelligent than men, either because they have the ability that God gave them to have children and carry them for 9 months in their womb, this gives them an intuition that we men do not have, that is why I think that It is very intelligent on the part of leaders who take them into account for their decisions, thanks for sharing, many blessings







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