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Important read for all new members!

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Martin Kiel 10 months ago

100 freaking percent. Thank you Romana.

Moderators and users will downvote your post if it's spamming the wrong community, downvotes remove points from your accounts.

Please read how to read the "How Uptrennd works" tab on the to left of any page here on the website. 

Romana Grubesic 10 months ago

Thank you M! :) For additional explanations,

Juliet Mafi 5 months ago

Thank you for this reminder. 

Romana Grubesic 5 months ago

you are welcome. A reminder to two most important guides.

St3v3 T88888 5 months ago

Great way of putting it

Romana Grubesic 5 months ago

shorter as it can be lol

Godwin Imafidor 5 months ago

Thanks for the information, sure it will help new members like me

Romana Grubesic 5 months ago

I hope so. And if there will be more questions, feel free to ask :)

Danyo Yo 5 months ago

Great post, important rules! I was refraining myself from downvote the people begging for upvotes, but I might start downvoting.

Romana Grubesic 5 months ago

When I decide about upvoting, quality is the only thing I look for. It is really not importand how much knowledge member has, because quality post can be made with quality questions also.







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