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Important PSA - Backup Your Crypto Wallets

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Salena Billings 5 days ago

Hey Robert, sorry to hear about your phone.  But, glad to hear that you backed up your account info.  My laptop died last week with a file on it that had all my passwords in it.  

Big mistake because I can't get access to it until it's downloaded to my new laptop..

Live and learn; right?

Thanks for your suggestions! Your audiio/video synced up nicely!

Robert Reed 5 days ago

Thanks for the quality control check on the audio and video. Im glad that you will be able to get all your passwords back once you get the new laptop. I like the live and learn philosophy. We're all going to make mistakes, but hopefully we learn from them and also help other people learn so they don't make the same errors.

Jan Bouda 5 days ago

Robert I’ve learned my lesson. I will publicly confess it here to everybody: when you start working on any blockchain app without copying your master key, better set up another account. It just didn’t hit me. Last December 30th because of that I lost around 45 USD. Perhaps 45 USD isn’t much for many people, but for me it was a lunch at PF Changs for my family and supermarket of fruits and veggies at low price on Walmart on Tuesday. Pay attention everybody to Robert!!!

Robert Reed 5 days ago

Thanks for sharing Jan. I didn't loose much, but it was still hard for me to admit. I think the biggest thing for me was to realize that we always have to be on guard. I backed up 95% of my accounts but I got a little complacent and lazy on 5% and it came back to get me. 

Lucas S 5 days ago

Awesome post! This is such a good topic to cover and we can all use reminding often. Losing seed phrases and passwords can put a serious hitch in your getalong! I lost one wallet that way by not saving or backing anything up. Luckily it didn't have more than $1 inside.

Robert Reed 5 days ago

That's good to hear. Its never fun to loose anything, but at least it was less than a dollar.  I agree with you that this is something that needs to get repeated. It might get a bit annoying hearing the same thing over and over, but its better safe than sorry.

Dotun Deetee 5 days ago

I appreciate the important details on security measures on crypto wallets. I keep sounding this to anyone who joins the crypto world through me; it is indeed a big responsibility.

Robert Reed 5 days ago

Well said. I couldn't agree more. Using crypto means that each of us has to be very careful!

Luke Brenland 5 days ago

100%! you have to do this!! I lost close to £1300 because i thought i backed up a wallet when i hadnt then my hardrive corrupted and its gone...

I still have the corrupted hdd but i do not know anybody or know what to do myself lol

Robert Reed 5 days ago

Oh wow. Hopefully someday you can get it recovered. Thats quite a substantial amount of crypto.  My mom lost a lot of our family pictures a few years ago when her external hard drive suddenly died, so I definitely understand how unexpected that can be. For her birthday, I helped her get it fixed, but it was incredibly expensive. Its far better to backup before hamd. A few minutes can save countless headaches later on.







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