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Important Notice to all Crypto Publishers

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Jonathan B 3 months ago

Good thinking. I will start including footnotes about where I originally posted my article as I do cross post things here a lot

Victoria Haruna 3 months ago

That would be so helpful Jonathan

Mohammad Imran 3 months ago

It's good to inform those who have accounts on other platforms so that they can avoid any action taken by MOD which is in their favor.

MrBullishSail Crypto Trader 3 months ago

Excellent post, Victoria :), I keep my same name on all platforms, however, I will add the information in my biography to make it easier :)

Dotun Deetee 3 months ago

I see no reason why other creators can not adopt this as you did, uniformity helps to avoid all forms of assumptions or doubts. However, this is understandable for user post on behave of there firms; but would be best to clearly state the affiliations and have good evidence to this as the user may be asked for proves.

Victoria Haruna 3 months ago

Yea! i noticed that too. Adding your links to your biagraphy is just a brilliant idea.

Hafsa Mansoor 3 months ago

so bots will handle scammers now?

Victoria Haruna 3 months ago

Lol. Bots are tools used by the MOD's 

That's why you see an automated message from a bot when a MoD / VA  takes an action.

Hafsa Mansoor 3 months ago

OH OK i dont know about lol

Mayur Gaikwad 3 months ago

Uptrennd is going strict against someone trying to destroy platform..🔥💙

Victoria Haruna 3 months ago

Hhahahaha. How come that seemed to be the only part that caught your attention?

Mayur Gaikwad 3 months ago

Because now a days most of us are talking about stopping scam 


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