Impact of my early years on me today.

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​Did you grow up in one area or did you have to move around? How did those early years impact who you are now?

Impact of my early years on me today.

Back in the days when I was growing up, I stayed with my parents and siblings. We lived in a busy area where different types of people are seen, I and my siblings attended a mission school during our nursery and primary school section.

During those day, I remember how my dad prevented us from staying late at night no matter the celebration. We couldn't stay more than 8pm outside the home in evening gatherings. I remember how I was thought on the importance of not missing church activities especially on sundays.



During my early years  in life, I was thought alot about morals and manners. I later moved when I was in secondary school to live with my aunty. But the impacts on me are still manifesting even uptill date, I never miss a mass on Sunday and I hardly stay out late.

So tell me guys Did you grow up in one area or did you have to move around? How did those early years impact who you are now?

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Oluwafemi Olofin
27 Nov

Where I stayed earlier has influenced me a lot. Have been able to select from those that were good and those that needs to be dropped.

The environment one finds himself have a way of affecting the person.


Scholastica Kosy
27 Nov

That's true, it influences alot. The good and the bad are found everywhere, it's left for us to choose


Buraimoh Irewolemiwa
27 Nov

Yes this early days at times that our parents teach us some rudiments about life it seems to be a punishment but later now we can see it as a very good thing, I also like staying up late when I was young then my dad stopped me and right now I'm even scared of staying out late even though he's no more,


27 Nov

The impact of my early years on my today is what I still see as if it just happened yesterday. I was trained with hard work .

i was trained by my dad as if I came to look for a job but I thank God today those hard times was actually preparing me for the future


RinNy Mboro
27 Nov

Travel to different places in my early years and i developed some skills and virtues that's still helping me till this day 

One of which socializing well


Humaira Khattak
27 Nov

Yes you are right. Your life is the 

Combination of bad and good moment 

That you faced very good manner. God 

Bless you


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