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24 Jan
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Imagine having batteries that last FOREVER..well close to it!

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Becky Ruvare 5 months ago

Oh wow,it had to take that long. This sounds interesting,I barely use batteries though, wait does this apply to phone batteries 😊,I would need that 

Chris Tibbits 5 months ago

It's pretty amazing. Who couldn't use LIFELONG batteries? Well, from what I read, no mention of phone batteries. I'm SURE they are going to be part of the least I hope so!!

Kamran Akbar 5 months ago

I need bettery of truck in my cell phone 😂 or these betteries u mentioned above

Chris Tibbits 5 months ago

I'm with you! Cell phone batteries that never die...would be MAGICAL!

EngrSamest . 5 months ago

I am waiting to see what type of battery will this be? It mean that it will defeat that fact that batteries are group under DC supply

Chris Tibbits 5 months ago

Me too! I am curious and have so many questions as well.

henry barzin 5 months ago

Wow, that would be amazing!
It would even be great from an ecological point of view.
On the one hand, we recycle harmful waste to produce a battery we don't have to replace. It's a double win.
But how will they solve the problem of danger to humans?
If the battery casing broke, I suppose it would be catastrophic.

Chris Tibbits 5 months ago

Right!! Yes, that concern came to my mind as well. I can only assume the scientists and researchers already thought of this and are working on it.

St3v3 T88888 5 months ago

Would be great if our phones lasted more than half a day

Chris Tibbits 5 months ago

I know! When I first saw the article, I saw LONG LASTING batteries and IMMEDIATELY thought they were referring to cell phones! If this comes to will be a tremendous PLUS for cell phone batteries!







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