It's been a normal thing for us to follow the comments on posts we make. And then reply them considering the fact that they took their time to answer all you've said and taken your time to make for them. 

 Replying is a very fun part of uptrennd where you get to meet people especially those that roll with how you comment and where you get to establish your tribe as my coach would say. 

 And it's when you reply your comments that people tend to come more knowing when they comment you'd check it out and see what they have for you. It's always fun cause some are funny and you'd just keep commenting.


 Now come to the reason of always replying your comments, and then those that you reply come back to reply them 🤔. I wonder how fun that'd be and how many comments the post would have. 

 Imagine only having 30 comments one a post, and then you reply all. Making it 60, and then everyone replies again to make it 90. Now look at the massive increase only from 30 comments on the post. And look at how much the post has been filled with conversations. Wouldn't you be happy at your post. 


 Just to clarify and make you know there's a fun part when it comes to giving time to either your post or the comments you make cause it brings people towards you on uptrennd. And makes them happy and wanting to come knowing your have left something behind for them to check out.

VALUE comments cause it's one thing uptrennd is known for and one thing that brings people towards you.



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Aliza Batool
03 Nov

well said i always be happy to see if someone is taking interest in my post and then tell me his/her opinion in comment section, 

that part of conversation is so helpful to improve your knowledge, such comment should be replied soon


Aniss Emma
03 Nov

Exactly and well said. They should be replied as soon as they can be. Cause replying you comments shows you value those that come around and they check through and leave a comment for you to see they came along. 

You even get to see more friends and those you turn out to be the best friend s through the comment section alone.


Iniobong Samuel
03 Nov

Yes it do give me happiness when seeing the author replying to my post is also encouraging people to be commenting on your post thank you for sharing this


Aniss Emma
03 Nov

Hehe. It'd make the person want to keep on coming you know. When they know the author will check out the comment no matter the time the person makes it. At least that's what I do and I make sure you get what you deserve for taking your time to read your posts.


Praise John
03 Nov

Personally I think. The comment section is where people can really intreact on their posts... people can air their voices or reasons....


Aniss Emma
03 Nov

For sure. And it's for this reason we have to take time to see what the person has said and make sure to give good replies to them. To make sure they're happy for giving their time to the post and for writing how they felt about it too.


Abiodun Oguntuyi
03 Nov

Replying comments can be very fun and interesting. This create avenue to meet the commentas on the post. Personally, I feel so excited when someone reply my comments and this make me to like visiting next time.


Aniss Emma
03 Nov

Yes o. That's what makes me come too. It makes me know the person is happy to see people commenting and the person is readily giving their time to appreciate those that read the post too. 

Sometimes that's all people need to know they're effort on the platform isn't in vain and that's why comments should be given more attention.


Luke Kosoko
03 Nov

Its great fun. I try my best to reply as much as I can anytime I post. The fun is when you start having conversations through comment. You'll get to know people more and they'd also know you. In fact that alone cause people to start following you. I salute @Don for always doing that too. I copied that from him


Aniss Emma
03 Nov

Hehe. Seems he has a role model here. I know him well for that and I'm one of the person's that checks him out. Cause I know one thing. He'd see it no matter the time I make the comment and he'd give time to make a reply. 

Keep that up just like you said you are and make more friends. One that's ready to keep coming cause you've made them happy for commenting.







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