You can't tell me you don't know what having a superpower means. The unique things you can do that goes out of the ordinary. The fun that comes from watching someone that has one or having a fantasy of one. Don't you think that's amazing?

 Come to talk of having one for yourself. The amazing things you can do, the intense feelings you can give to those that watch you perform your wonders, the fans you'd have cheering for you when you go out in the public.

 Having a superpower is the best to think of. And there are some that have specific ones that many others don't have. But for this here, it's a superpower you fantasise to have. 


 The Superpower I'd want to have is that of a spider. Obvious isn't it 😅. Well, it's cause I like his flexibility, I like his sense of humor (it's kinda where I got mine too), I like how he talks even whole the situation is intense, I like how he swings all around. It's different from having one like Superman. 


 Just imagine me swinging in and catching a cute girl I admired from far away 🤤😂, the best feeling meehn and I know we'll that she's going to blush. Why? cause it's the Spider that picked her 😂. 

 Don't mind me o. Just trying to make you feel good as you think for yourself on what Superpower you dream of having. giphy-75 And don't be like those that would like to have intelligence as their superpower o 😏, all those boring people that want to know everything. 

 Do share what Superpower you've dreamt of having and saw something about it. If you've got more you could add a scenerio you have while thinking of that superpower. Let's make this fun shall we...



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Ibinabo Bamson
03 Nov

I wish I had the power to change the past and see someone's future... to be their superhero for life or death 


Aniss Emma
03 Nov

A good one. You'll look at what people are going to achieve right before they even think of doing them. And you can help those that are in need of help on what will guide them to be better. 

I just wonder what good things you'll do if you had the power cause I see you have a good mind towards this.


Starlight Impact
03 Nov

I would love to see the future and he able to teleport. I have always wish I could see things before it happens and could escape when ever there is danger 


Aniss Emma
03 Nov

Hmm 🤔. Being able to move about the past and future I see. I just come to wonder what good things you'll achiehe from this. I'm just thinking and hoping you'll help people along side and make them do the right things to make them good.


Olatunbosun Bossman
03 Nov

If I am to choose a superpower, it will be for me to be invicible

Been invicible is one thing of I have been dreaming of and my wish is for it to come to past


Aniss Emma
03 Nov

😂. See this man. I just come to wonder what you plan to do with being invisible. You'll go into places others don't want you to. 

And you can scare you're friends to run away when they see objects moving around without you touching them 😂. A good superpower really.


Hassan Shireen
03 Nov

i wish i can fly so i can visit any where and enjoy the things which no body can do 


Aniss Emma
03 Nov

Hehe. Flight is one a lot of people want to have as a power. It's fun and you can get to places with just enjoying your movement. And you can choose to move out of the earth with ease too. Just enjoy your movement and go wherever you want to.


Muhammad Bilal
03 Nov

I have dream for the super power of mind reading😂, i have not seen such type of people yet, but i see in a movie. 

if I become able to read mind of other people I could easily become  careful from the problems and evil people😈😂


Aniss Emma
03 Nov

😂. You're a funny man you know. Reading people's mind will easily make you know those that are your good friends and those that aren't. 

You'll know those that are with you to make you better and they're with you for you to be better and to enjoy their friendship with you 







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