If Someone Leaves You

Leaving someone in the world causes a great harm to the person who faces a huge separation. It is obviously painful for him but it's redemptive for him. The person who can't bear the pains can't face the hardships of life. This separation makes that man very powerful by mind. He stops thinking about separation and becomes mentally healthy. He musters up a great courage to cope with the situations.

Some of the people try to commit suicide and most of them find success and meet death in the hell. They are the weakest persons of this life. They don't know that humans are nothing. We can't say that life is our own. It is not belonging to us. It belongs to our destiny.

I have seen my friends whose girl friends have left them. They are even stronger than before. They have found more powerful and beautiful friends. They didn't lose hope. One of my friend wept for a few days when his GF left him. He was feeling much pain. He came one day in the class and started Questioning from the teachers. He became my study mate. 

We studied harder and he came second after me. He has a girlfriend that belongs to 3rd Professional. She is very nice lady and attractive one. I always call her BHaBHi lol 😆😆. 

It is all about determination. We should not lose hope if someone leaves us and we should ask them to go and enjoy their own life.




Ifiok Eso
02 Mar

No one can make your life more happier than you. No one holds the key to your happiness. If someone leaves you, it is not the end of life. Move on and be more happier than before..


zaid ullah
03 Mar

Yes absolutely if you cannot bear the hardship of life you would not doing any thing because this is a part of our life passage practise to leave someone, to attained someone we learnt naturally to pass these levels


Zara Malik
03 Mar

I think this is the most worrying thing that what if she left.Well if someone is not interested to join you you never feell disappointed or sad no worries just go ahead.May be something best combination is waiting for you ahead.


03 Mar

We should Not Be DisHearTen If Someone LeaVes You......Never beg People To stay Against their will ....sometyms the Gift Of GoDBye Opns another Door For You ...Move On And Create The Nxt ChapTer Of uR LiFe.............


preview not available Hamid Owaisi
04 Mar

If someone hurts you or leave you, never think about them boss up and love yourself. You deserve much better than them thats why god remove them from your life. 

Always be happy and stay connected to yourself. When someone leaves, they never come back because they dost deserve you in the first place.


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