If someone comes into your life and hurts you, always get rid of that person very quickly and that person has cleared the way for you and given you the opportunity to choose a good person in your life

There are always some things to keep in mind in order to make friends in order to fall in love with someone in your life.

It all depends on you how you choose people in life and how you live your life and how much you think about and know about the person he will live with you

Always remember in life that if someone does hurt you, and breaks your heart, you should not be upset but you should be happy. That person has opened your eyes and guided you to the right path.  He has told and proved that he was not a good person, he has done bad

The first thing is that such an opportunity has never come or will come in your life 

Man has so much thinking and understanding about who he lives his life with and how he makes friends and how he will live his life. That  man thinks a hundred times before adopting a person

In life you will find two kinds of people, the best and the worst . Yes, society is made up of good and bad people

There are many good people, but there are many bad ones. Good people are rarely seen

Always do good things with good people and spend good time with them. If you want to find good people in life, you must first change yourself. Do good if you are good.  So surely you will find good people too. There will be people in your life who will bring spring in your life and give you happiness.

Man has to change himself first and then he finds new people in the life

If there are some people in your life who see that they are not doing good to you, that they are bad with you and are disrupting your life, then you need to get rid of such people as soon as possible.  

@clever mind

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preview not available Hafsa M
18 Apr

right, we shouldn't spend so much time making a bad person to good as most of the time it's not happened, better to find a good one...


Clever Mind
19 Apr

@Dear  Hafsa M

You have given very good advice. Instead of wasting time in making a bad person good, it is better that we choose a good person from the beginning who will bring happiness in our life and make us good with that person.  Because if on the one hand someone is doing good to you then you should also do good to him. This is success in life.


Viktor Frankie
18 Apr

Definitely we need to be that good person first before wishing to have someone good to us. We need to cut down on our selfish path. 

Great post! 


Zeehsan Ashraf
18 Apr

We should keep smiling even if someone hurt us. This will help us to forget and move farward. If we worry about it, then it will be harmful for us and for health. We just let them back and keep moving towards our goals. 


Lubna Kokab
18 Apr

Infact sometimes people comes in our life to give us great lessons for the whole life. If someone hurts then ignore him, that person never deserves you and never be upset. God pans are always better for us, He must be meet us a good and loyal person one day. One important thing is if someone cheats you or do something bad then last option is never be suicide or disappointment, move forward with happiness and see the bright side of your life.


preview not available javier arturo pulido andueza
18 Apr

We must remove from our lives those people who harm us and in this way a person who loves us, values us and respects us will enter our life.


Clever Mind
19 Apr

@Dear javier arturo pulido andueza

 yes dear I totally agree with you. We don't need to bring people into our lives who will harm us. Man always wants peace so that his life can be calm.  The person who lives with you Be the best and man is always looking for the best person and this is the  best 







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