If oxygen disappears from the earth
If oxygen disappears from the earth for  just five seconds 
until five seconds??

 We can all stop breathing for a minute, but here's not the whole earth. If the whole earth disappears from oxygen for just up to five secs??

 People lying on the beach will soon burn. Because the molecular oxygen present in the air protects us from ultraviolet light.

 The sky will turn black during the day, the darkness will spread. Nothing will be visible.

 All things made of metal which are separate will be welded together immediately before they will be rooted. Because the bottom of the oxygen in the air keeps them from connecting.

 Forty-five percent of the earth is made up of oxygen. As soon as the oxygen disappears all the earth becomes rough, the shallow will become thin, it will be difficult to step on.

 We will lose twenty-one percent of the air pressure so our ear curtains will explode immediately.

 Oxygen helps the concrete to stay on the ground. As the oxygen disappears, all concrete-made buildings will land in seconds.

 Oxygen is one third of the water. As soon as oxygen disappears, the water of all the oceans of the world will become hydrogen gas.

 See how our Lord has kept everything fit.

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Syed Inayat shah
19 Nov

Without Oxygen there is nothing in the world. People cannot live without oxygen even if close our mouth and nose it wilo lead to death. Water is also made by oxygen i. e H2O, which is also important for whole world animals


Tariq Shehzad
19 Nov

Thanks for Sharing with us such a wonderful information.

Definitely, life bases upon Oxygen as it necessry for every living thing on the planet Earth for breathing, even in the sea for fishes and other living things. Oxygen is part and parcel for our life.


Amber Kashif
19 Nov

Huuuuh wooooooo woooooo! What an amazing write up. It is heart touching and soul raising.

How many blessings we have been given by God, we can never count.

A mere absence of oxygen for a short period of 5 seconds would result in destruction of the earth. We must be thankful to Allah for continuous supply of oxygen







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