If i had a million dollars.

Hey Trendians hope you all fine........

  Many peoples have dreams that they would have a lot of money they enjoyed thier life according to his/her taste.If I had a million dollars i will do many things like donate to chareties,world tour,buy a range rover porce.

  • First of all If I had a million dollars i buy a place and construct a hospital for poors and needy people where all the process of treatment of a desease will free and medicines will also provided free.

  • If I had a million dollars,i construct a shelter house where needy people which have not thier own house can stay there without any cost and food also provided with other facilities.

  • Meanwhile,If i had million of dollars i would run acompany for earning of money in future.This money is used for my study expensis and for other puposes.

  • Finally,i would spend the rest of money on my family activities.Furthermore,i go for a world tour.i also invested some money in stock exchange.Above all,Money cannot buy happinees,love and health.

What would you have a million dollars.

Hope you like my content.



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Ayyat Fatima
12 Oct

@Ahmad you cant take picture from Google as it is a illegal site here and dont allow people to use images freely ...

kindly take pictures from other sites like Unsplash,pixabay ,pininterest...

well nice write up..


Ahmed naveed
12 Oct

i will update it .thanks dear for guiding me about this.


Ayyat Fatima
12 Oct

That would be nice of you...for any question you can freely ask me..


Himayat Ullah
12 Oct

Yeah we all daily seem this that if  I have  a lot of money then I enjoyed in my life and alway live happy but dear money is just tension


Batool Shah
12 Oct

Very interesting and meaningful post.

If i have a lot of money, I always help poor people who have not money for educate their childrens.I help people who have no their house.


Florian Kimpembe
12 Oct

this is good but they said that money is all root of all evil


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