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Do you know that we have three different type of sleepers? Are you a Lark, an Owl or a Humming bird? Let's figure out your chronotype to create a rhythm that will work best for you!

You are a Lark if...


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🔥 Before 6 a.m. in the morning, you have already woken up from sleep even without an alarm clock and begin to get drowsy in the evening around 9 p.m.

🔥 You do not need caffeine in the morning to stay alert.

 🔥A few hours before lunch time is when you are most alert and feel most productive at work.

🔥 In the afternoon, you lose your mental sharpness.

SLEEP TWEAK: In late afternoon, try to go for a walk so as to give you more energy for the evening.

You are an Owl if... 


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🔥 You go to bed between 2 a.m. and 3 a.m. and wake up naturally closer to 10 a.m.

🔥You need an alarm clock to wake you up early and caffeine to help you stay alert during daytime.

🔥 In the afternoon, your day only starts to get going and later in the evening, you feel sharp and do your most productive work.

SLEEP TWEAK: Sleep with all your curtains open so when the day breaks, the daylight can easily wake you up and at night, dim the lights in your home.

You are a hummingbird if... 


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🔥 You fall somewhere in between a lark and an owl

🔥You have no strong inclination as to what time of the day to carry out various activities

SLEEP TWEAK: ​​​​Cut down on sugar and alcohol! Do some gentle stretch or breathing exercises before you go to bed to loosen the muscles. Always take a bath before going to bed.

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DeThouGhT ConCepT
12 Apr

Well this is really psychological I must say that you have really done some good researches to know more about this birds for you to liken them to human sleeping nature.

I really love 💕💕 the content and it is very inspiring.


Lummy Ayeni
12 Apr

So much wonderful tips about sleeping but like seriously it good for urs to know the kind of nature that we have when it comes to sleeping.


Dr. Yousaf Janni
12 Apr

That's really a great research sir... I think I'm a Lark because I get up early in the morning without any type of alarm... And I don't need any type of caffeine to spend my whole day... 

Your efforts are really appreciated from deep heart sir...But sometimes mostly on weekends I am a like owl because I don't sleep late night... But I think it I snot good... 

I didn't know about these type of sleep before... But I know just because of you sir... And you are absolutely right about morning walk.. It is too necessary to live a healthy lifestyle... Thanks for sharing such a great information with us sir... 


Muhammad Amir
12 Apr

As workers and as Muslim our time break for sleep should be early to bed and early to rise and start day with name of Allah who is most mercy full and very kind to us and you you want to sleep then also say your prayers 


Dua Fatima
12 Apr

As I am a student, my pattern of sleep depends on class timing. In the start of year, we sleep early and wake up early. In the end of year near exams, we sleep late at night







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