IDall 4FA Authentication, Meaning and FaQ

Why this project called IDall?

IDall is the abbreviation of “one ID and all pass”, and it is the name of the Password Management Service (PMS) created by GCOD Innovation company(One of the best tech companies located at S.Korea). It is our mission for users to enjoy all apps and the Internet in safe and convenient with a single ID.

Is IDall free to charge?

It depends on the period and usage. The first two months (60 days) are free, and after two months, if the number of properties is less than 10, it will continue to be free until more than 10.

How much is the official fee to be a member of IDall officially?

The annual fee is $11 and will be charged separately for each IDall ID. Adding devices (smartphones, PCs, tablets, etc.) will not accrue additional costs. However, you can not use more than five.

Can a person use more than one IDall ID?

IDall does not check your real name information. Just register your mobile phone number and email address. Therefore, if you want to use two IDall IDs, you must have two mobile numbers.

What if I forget the IDall icon key and can not do the master log-in?

You can easily recover to a third party emergency recovery phone number that you register when you set it up.

If I leave IDall member Service, what will happen about registered information?

All are automatically discarded immediately. Once discarded information can not be recovered.

IDall PMS & Vault

With IDall PMS, you don’t need to enter or remember your password every time, just touch the site URL and you will be logged in.
If you have occasional secrets that are hard to remember, try IDall Vault ! All data is securely encrypted so that only you can open it by yourself.

What is PMS?

PMS stands for Password Management Service. Keep securely your passwords that you can not memorize, and help you log in to your site easily without typing your password on keyboard.

What is Vault?

Same as safe service of banks, it is a service that keeps important & valuable information that you do not use often but can not forget. For example, your door lock number, bicycle lock number, safe number key, luggage number key, password, passport number, lover's birthday, etc., and you can take it out anytime and keep it secret.

Where and how is the information I register?

All information must be encrypted with the encryption/decryption key that is created by the user only and stored on the server.

Doesn't it dangerous to save the server when it is hacked or the server administrator's betrayal?

Even the Head administrator of the server can’t open and read because it is encrypted by your own private key.

How can I login to the site even if the administrator of the server can not open the information?

It is possible to receive the encrypted information from the server and decrypt it with the decryption key generated by the user.

How do users create their own decryption keys?

Touch the PASSCON’s icon keys to create it automatically. This decryption key is very secure because it is not stored anywhere.

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