✋I will never let anyone touch my body.


Sara lived in a village that was not developed enough for her to get a good education. She asked her parents to allow her to go to the city for further education but they did not have that much money.

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Father: Listen my princess! I am a poor man but still i tried to provide you all the things you needed but now i can't afford your further study. If you will go out of city, your hostel rent, your college fees, the cost of your books, i won't be able to afford it all.

Sara: But Dad, you know I like to study. I can't leave it just because of your low income. When I go to town, I work part-time. I will manage both study and employment at the same time.

Father: How do you manage both things together?

Sara: I can do anything for my study and i am sure i will manage.

Father: Alright, you can go.

Sara: Don't worry! Your daughter is a brave girl.

Sarah came to town and started working as a waiter in a restaurant. She goes to her college in the morning and works in a restaurant at night.

After meeting all her needs, she would send some money to her parents every month.

After 4 years...

On graduation day, her father came to take her back but she refused to go because she got another job which has a handsome salary.

Father: You have completed your graduation. I am happy for you. Now you should return home.

Sara: You gave me power to fulfill my dreams. I got another job here with more salary, I don't want to leave it. Please let me stay here for one more year till i get enough money to start a business.

Father: You should come back home because there is no need to stay in the city. You can do your job after marriage.

Sara: Please allow me for just one year.

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Father: I am not happy with your decision, you can stay but not more than one year.

Sara was going on a perfect track of her life but...

Life is not a bed of roses ... Life gives you happiness as well as obstacles ... You have to live this life with both joy and sorrow ...

Sarah thought only of the good, but she did not know what would happen to her in the city. She was completely unaware of it ...

She started living in a rented house, she used to come home late at night after the job.

One night as she was going home, someone started chasing her and after a while he put a handkerchief on her nose. Sarah felt dizzy and fell down.

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When she opened her eyes she was in a room where there were some more girls.

She asked where am i?

One girl replied, "You have been kidnapped." 

As she spoke further, a man entered the room and offered her a glass of water.

She threw the glass and shouted, "who are you and why did you bring me here?"

Man: Someone didn't tell you that you have been kidnapped.

Sara: I am not rich that i will fulfill your demand, my kidnap won't give you anything.

Man: Ha ha ha, i don't demand  any money from you. I will earn money by using your body.

Sara shouted: What are you talking about, let me go...

The man go out of that room and locked it.

Sara started crying...

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A girl approached her and said, "Every night this man takes one of us to a hotel room." The owner of the room rape us and leaves us here again.

Sarah was scared. She thought she should go home after completing her education. She was now regretting why she did not obey her father.

"I will never stop here. I am my father's brave girl. I will never let anyone touch my body. When that person takes me out, I will run away as soon as I see an opportunity."

At night, a man came in and took her away in a car.

He said, "I'm going to take you to a hotel. Don't shout or I'll kill you."

But Sarah understood that he was trying to scare her.

They entered the big hotel. The man took her to the escalator. Taking advantage of the crowd, Sarah pushed the man and started screaming,

"Help me, he is a thief... 

All people rushed towards that man and started beating him.

Sara got a chance to run away.

She came home and apologized to her father and never thought of returning to the city.

This is my entry for Guardian @Saqib Ajmal's contest.

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09 Feb

Wow..this is really a beautiful story with a great lesson 

Which are always listen to your parents and a Sara did we all are to be smart and stand our ground when the time for it arise and never let anyone take I'll advantage of us.thanks for this


Anum Rizwan 🇵🇰
09 Feb

We should always listen tonour elders because they are mature than us.

Sara was a brave girl but many of the girls can't do like her because become scared.


Bright David
09 Feb

This is an awesome entry for the contest.. Am glad Sara learnt her lessons and also was able to escape from the hands of those kidnappers. This is indeed a story with great moral lessons. She never listened to her father because she thought she can survive on her own. This is just how most of us think not listening to our parents.... 

All the best in the contest


Anum Rizwan 🇵🇰
09 Feb

We do our best to show our parents that we are now mature but we never think, we are still children for our parents.


Fizza Ahmad
09 Feb

Amazing story with good moral lesson. We should obey our parents in every matter. There is some hidden message in it. 

Best of luck to you for contest 


Anum Rizwan 🇵🇰
09 Feb

A girl can never live alone in a city. She needs a support of a man in the form of father or husband.


Tiger Lily
09 Feb

Wow - what an intense story!  I wish that girls would always be able to get away like this but unfortunately SO many women and children are kidnapped to be used this way.

It's disgusting and evil and I wish that all these evil people would be held accountable NOW.  I know that someday God will hold them accountable - but as humans, don't we want that time now?  lol I do.

but i'm glad your story had a happy ending for Sara!!


Anum Rizwan 🇵🇰
09 Feb

It is very difficult for a woman to live alone. She needs a support of a man on every step. Those who think that they can do it, should read this story.

Hehe yeah... But these kind of acts are increasing day by day.

I like happy endings and i believe a story is incomplete without a happy ending.


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