~I saw a strangeable dream~^°

It was dark that time inside the bus . I am alone and feeling the freezing fire of the night . I asked myself is this a dream? Do I sleep before this moment I have right now? Then if this is a dreamed then I want to wake up and finish the freezing,coldnest dark of the night. Because it's penetrates inside my heart already I can feel the pain inside my chest , I can feel I am running for breathing.

 I am shouting but no sounds came out in my mouth. Because the sounds came from mind that is shouting. I was like a dead with a life without moving. It seems like someone control the movement of my body. 

I'm scared, I'm trembled , don't know what to do and dont know the whole things happened.  

I tried to move forward or even backward but still I can't raise my two legs . Is like I am carrying 10000X sacks of cement on my feet. And whole body is tied up the wall. 

hen I stop all the necessary things inside my mind because I know I will never raise my body or get out from this heavy things in me if I will not focus my way to being free from anything. 

The I close my eyes, cleaned my heart and mind. I asked myself that complicated situation I am in. 

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Then as I open back my eyes I saw this red diamond 💎 . It was my earnings who has been lost for many decades. 

That time I knew it was a dream, I saw the earings inside my big pillow that I used to put my head inside, the reason why I can't breath. 

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Fizza Ahmad
14 Jan

Beautiful write up.. 

Really full of suspense.. 

I love these types of writing 


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