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I really missed Uptrennd....

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Josh Monrreal 6 days ago

I swear i must of been the only one who didn't realize facebook was down

Erica Fleming 6 days ago

I use messenger to talk to family.... that's why

David Cantu 6 days ago

Yup.  I couldn't login here with Facebook yesterday.  I thought it was just me.  I'm glad we are back in today :-)

Jarau Moses 6 days ago

I thought that I was hacked when I was asked to login to the facebook app onmy phone!!

I later realized it was ageneral problem from Twitter!!!

Luke Brenland 6 days ago

I did not realise it was down either! haha Uptrennd never goes down ;)

Erica Fleming 6 days ago

Uptrennd wasnt down, Facebook was down... uptrennd was having issues with the server and loading pictures... Facebook wouldn't allow people to log in

Luke Brenland 6 days ago

the image issue has be reset and is being worked on i believe :)

Erica Fleming 6 days ago

That's cuz yall are amazing and awesome!

Elena Demou 6 days ago

Aww Erica! I completely understand, I find myself excited to check Uptrennd and to see what people are up to. Your pool of friends will only grow larger as this platform gets bigger! Glad to have you back today!

Erica Fleming 6 days ago

Elena,  you are the sweetest. ♡

Ilin Kazandzhiev 6 days ago

Yeah facebook was a mess yesterday. But did you experienced any difficulties with Uptrennd. It was forking fine for me :)

Erica Fleming 6 days ago

My pictures weren't uploading at all to the server making my blogs extremely hard to read. Facebook pissed me off with their shenanigans. 

Nathan Kaytar 6 days ago

Facebook is the devil!


Erica Fleming 6 days ago

Hehehehe.... that's so cute

Jon Oliver Aborot 6 days ago

I did not experience the fb crashing moment haha. maybe i was sleeping  that time. 

Erica Fleming 6 days ago

Maybe so, lucky you jon!!

Jarau Moses 6 days ago

It is true almost all Facebook services were down, I foud solace on Twitter!

I was also busy during the day I attended some Entrepreneurship workshop organized by Strive Masiyiwa who is an African billionaire!

It is great that the time Facebook was off, it was night time here, so I just slept off.







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