You've been seeing the fun and excitement of Uptrennd City!  I'm sure you have. hehehe

and you realize that you missed your share of some big points

You missed the chance to be a landowner

You missed a chunk of the $50 worth of BCH

You don't have your career set up, and you're not earning a salary!

you missed it all, right???

nah.   you didn't :)

Believe me - we're just getting started.  And you WANT to be a part of this game hehehehe  Cuz we are having fun!  and more fun and the MOST fun is still on the horizon.  ALL the details on how you begin are below...

but for the CURRENT Gamizens... here is your MISSION 10a

Find a DATE for the MR. E Ball on Friday!

If you write a post (in the next 24 hours) talking about your date for the Ball, you will earn Mission points!

It doesn't have to be a romantic date! Two friends can go together too!  It's just about fun and laughter!  Can be two bro's hanging out, two chicas hanging out, or a boy/girl date too!  No pressure, no romance needed!  JUST FUN!

1.  If you take someone that is already a Gamizen from Uptrennd City.  Write a post talking about how awesome of a date you have, what qualities you enjoy, and ONE fun thing you have planned to do at the Ball!)  That will earn you 30 points!! wooot. lots of points!

2. If you prefer to go stag?  And show up a single lady!  or single bachelor... that's cool.  You do you!  Just tell us what makes YOU the perfect solo partner to attend the party and what you plan on doing there to make sure everyone's having a great time!  That will earn you 30 points!  wooot. lots of points!

3.  If you bring someone to the Ball that is NEW to Uptrennd City - do the same instructions above - but you will earn 50 points!!! wooooooot that's a lotta mo points!



Here is how you begin!

  • Write a post with the title:  I'M MOVING INTO UPTRENND CITY!!!  and then include ALLLLLL the following info for it :)

  • Go read these this postto get started understanding what Uptrennd City is all about!

  • Choose where you want to live!  The landowners are all  HERE.    You can choose ANYPLACE to live.  If the landowner has a castle - you will also get YOUR own castle if you choose to live there.  If the landowner has a helicopter -YOU will also get your own helicopter.  Your residence is cloned from the landowner - so choose and enjoy!

  • Create your Gamizen's card. You can use this as a template! Save the image and then add your own name and place to live :) (Use your address from the place where you chose to live!)preview not availableUptrennd City Gamizen Card Post

  • Tell us - what type of careerwould you like in order to earn your monthly salary? Each salary will earn you weekly points!

    • Foodservice will write a weekly post detailing a new recipe or restaurant review they'd like to share on Uptrennd.

    • Travel will write one weekly post on Fridays, detailing a review of a fabulous location to visit!

    • Transportation will write one weekly post on Fridays, of some type of exciting flash fiction for us all to read and enjoy!

    • Personal care will write one weekly post on Fridays, telling us of some insight into medicine, health, well-being, pscyhology - etc. 

    • Entertainment will write one weekly post on Fridays, giving us a movie review, book review, play review, fashion review or even some juicy Hollywood-style gossip!

  • Tell us where who will be providing your services?You need to choose one in each category according to this post here

  • Create your avatar. Here is the post that will explain how to use bitmoji.com to do this!

  • Find out about this secret Mr. E   - who do you think it is???

It seems like too much?  Alright... well then let me sweeten the deal! hehehe

When you join now?  You'll get an automatic 50 Uptrennd City Game points credited to your account once your Admission post is completed! :)  Now you're ready to rock and roll! hehehehe

and then.... once you're done??? What to do????

find out the latest mission to jump into!

There is a lot of fun happening this week - so check my Uptrennd City tweets and the Uptrennd City game posts to stay on top of all the fun!!!

Once you have created your Uptrennd City post and published it to Uptrennd - drop a comment below a notification to me that you've posted!  Then - tag me in a TWEET also  (I'm @tigertrennd on Twitter)  to make sure that I see ya!  If you don't get a response from me - I've somehow missed it!  Feel free to send a private message to me here with your URL so that I can check you into Uptrennd City!

Welcome Home!  Uptrennd City is happy to have you!



Aakash Baloch
23 Feb

What's this? 🤔

Is any technical issue is coming in future for which you reserve the post? 


Tiger Lily
23 Feb

Now the post has been updated :)


Scholastica Kosy
23 Feb

I guess you missed pasting your write up here. May be there us a mistake  somewhere please ma'am try and look into it.

I dont think you are aware of this. Please check it @Tiger


Tiger Lily
23 Feb

yes - i hit the "post" option of two posts in a draft... and one was ready - and one was not. hahaha

so i had to take it down.

it's almost ready to go back up LOLOLOL

thanks for checking ;)  but i knew what happened hahaha


Tiger Lily
23 Feb

now you can check the post hehehe


Mansoor Hayat
23 Feb

Don't worry mam mistakes are the part of life . We should learn from mistakes. You are one of my favorites guardians .keep it up.


Tiger Lily
23 Feb

hehehe oh thank you so much :)

but i'm not a Guardian :)

I'm just a member hehehe


Mansoor Hayat
23 Feb

I am hopeful you will be.


Tiger Lily
23 Feb

I was asked a long time ago hehehe

I turned it down and decided to be the Chancellor at Uptrennd University :)

I love my role there best! hehehe


fazal karim

Hello everyone is member here .its just a joke keep it up 


Agaga Julius
23 Feb

You mean the new person we are to bring to uptrennd city will carryout the above before one can be able to qualify for the 50 points? And is he or she going to write all of those you have mentioned above in a post or several posts? 

Hmmmm....this is becoming more interesting.....finding a date for the Mr E ball... The date we are to find, should it be someone in uptrennd city?


Tiger Lily
23 Feb

yesssssss they will get the 50 points and so will you!  :)

and then - they need to do a post with all that info! hehehe just one post with the info is fine :)


Agaga Julius
23 Feb

Alright. This will be fine







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