I'm going to say this once.

Perhaps I'm naive.

But, when I created that post, and that video, never once did I think that people like @Ijatz la Hojita (yes, the former guardian who was oh-so-nice to my face before brandishing the knife behind his back) would actually think that I pulled off some "master scheme" to fake a wallet hack.

So, here was my master plan everyone.

Listen up - listen carefully!!!

I joined a platform, looking for a new place to have fun.

Found SO much fun, and so many new people to crypto.

Created tons of tips to help people grow here. 

Started giving away 1up (my own.  not from a team wallet!  my OWN) like i ALWAYS have done on other platforms because I LOVE creating fun and helping people.

Brought my experience to the platform and started Uptrennd University. FOR. FREE. and gave MORE 1up away.  my OWN.

For the last year, I've given more 1up - MY OWN - from my OWN WALLET  - than I think all of the Guardians combined.  

Back in December, when we had that huge glitch?  I opened my wallet to see $250,000.  I woke my husband up from a dead sleep to tell him that Uptrennd just soared.  He said - oh my gosh did you sell it??

I paused, and said. um.. no.  I don't think I can.  If i sell this much, I think it will tank the price for everyone else.  I've never been a whale before.  I don't know what to do.

Do you know what I did?

I held. (turned out that it was a glitch - and i couldn't sell anyway!  but when I had the choice?  I told him i couldn't do it.)

JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSE, I started to get scared as I saw Guardians leaving.  Core team stop writing. 

Some actually haven't written for a year now. A . YEAR. 

But I stayed. I held.  I believed. I hoped.

I created Uptrennd City - during a very low period - and gave away over 100,000 1up - that ended up growing more and more.  I gave away another 25,000 and another 20,000 in contests weeks later.

And nooooooo one was questioning my integrity then.  (isn't that amazing???)

Where was Ijatz then?  Where was @Madiha Jamil then?  Smiling with their two-faced smiles?  Hiding the knife with one hand and hands out with the other, ready to scoop up 1up?  

Ijatz came into my server, smiling, happy, praising me - telling me how wonderful it was that I was helping the community.  and where is he now?  Did he stay?  or did he sell out?

Where have I been.

This whole time.

and still - where am I?

Six weeks ago, my wallet had been depleted by contests, challenges, supporting others.  and that was ok.  That was my choice.  I would try to buy low, and sell high as often as I could - to replenish and keep supporting to keep our community morale high. Then we had a massive bump!  Based on the "announcement" that was coming.

Now my wallet was worth $100,000.  

Did I sell and leave?? and this was NO GLITCH!!! I actually COULD have sold like MAAAAAAAANY other people were doing! so did i????

Well go look!  Because I GAVE my wallet out in the last few posts.  All the people who want to point fingers can LOOK.  I ONCE AGAIN - bought low and sold high - to REPLENISH my funds for the Uptrennd City game and contests.

So please. tell me.

In this master plan of mine - where I am in cahoots with some plan to screw everyone...

I sell my remaining 1up - and sneak it away with my ETH -that was worth $18K???? LOLOLOLOL

When I could have had $250k.  When I could have had $100k.

my BRILLIANT plan - was to GIVE OUT MY WALLET information - and show that I was hacked??

If I wanted to sell - wouldn't I just sell secretly?  Like other people were doing?  It's funny, I can name names of people (because yes, indeed!  texts went ALLLLLLLLL around with the plan that was coming with TRODL - and people were tagging their friends to sell sell sell! and the names are RIGHT THERE for all to see who sold, and who didn't.)

but I'm NOT going to name those names.  You know why?  cuz that's their business if they wanted to sell.  But believe me - they are all around you.  and you want to make me the sacrificial lamb? because you need someone visible to blame? 

You know what I did?

I held. 

I didn't base anything on RUMOR. I wanted to wait for the official announcement.  I got hacked 18 hours before the announcement happened. But even if I didn't get hacked??? I STILL would have held. and my 1up would have been worthless like all of yours!

You know what I FIND interesting?

That everyone knew I was a whale.

That everyone KNEW I was holding.

That SOME people knew that an announcement was coming VERY soon.

and that ANYONE could have sent me a file that opened me up, and just waited for the right time.

Believe what you want.

I know who I am. and I know who YOU are now.  So THANK YOU for revealing yourselves.

Since January, I have been scared that Uptrennd was closing  and I CHOSE TO STAY AND BELIEVE. But as a backup plan, I started to build a new home for the community.  And I sent Jeff a text about it - because I wanted to assure him that Uptrennd had my loyalty - and that this new home would NOT compete with Uptrennd - but would help it. I didn't need to do that.  but THAT is my character. 

And I'm still building that home.

And now?  The money that I had as a CUSHION to support that project - is GONE.

By my own hands? Well - apparently yes.  Because at some point in time, I must have clicked something that I trusted. Was it that day?? Maybe. Maybe not.  Maybe much earlier and they waited?  I do not know.  I already said what I did that day - and why I did it - and why I was frustrated - and why I probably let my guard down because we're so used to clicking things to approve and give permissions and I was rushing to pay my intern, and sell steem, and switch hive - and I was distracted.  And I wish I could go back and analyze everything. But it DOES NOT MATTER. because its gone.

I even thought  - what if I created a bounty - and whoever recovered my money - could have half of what was recovered.

But why?  who in the WORLD is going to get my money returned?  It is GONE.  Now I need to make sure it doesn't happen ever again.

I spent the next day - in DMS with devs, and tracking down what I could have done, and scanning my computer. Transferring my NFTs.  Transferring my liquidity tokens (yes - that the hackers LEFT because they didn't know what it was! if I did it myself... ummmm don't you think I would have removed liquidity and taken that 1up and ETH too????  I KNOW what the liquidity tokens were for!!! They didn't!) 

I closed that wallet completely, and my money is gone.  The end.  

For those who are vicious, evil, two-faced people:  I say - thank you for revealing yourself.  I'll see you coming in the future.

For the people who believed me from the start, I say - thank you - from the fullness of my heart. We will move on.

For the people who called me a bitch for not speaking out against Jeff.  Go bully someone else.  You're not intimidating me. There will always be people who take advantage of others.  It was MY CHOICE to stay and believe.

THAT turned out to be the wrong choice. I can live with that and grow. If you find peace in pursuing anything more - do it!  I choose to focus my attention fully on the massive job that I NOW have to do without any money.  

For all the people who have continued to be kind, and cry with me.  Thank you for knowing my heart. This has been unbelievably hard. One betrayal after another. I think I cried more over the betrayal than I did over the money. But we CHOOSE to learn and grow. It's a choice. I love you so much. After this entire year of ups, downs, thrills, sorrows, gains, debilitating losses... YOU have been the treasure that will stay with me forever.  My heart has always been PEOPLE FIRST. That's why when the money is gone - it doesn't destroy me.  Because though it has been VERY nice to have - you have been much more valuable to me. 

I have tried very hard not to curse throughout this whole post.  And those who know me, know how hard I'm biting my tongue now.  Because my foul mouth definitely does not display the love of Jesus as it should. I admit and confess it.  I should be saying Bless you, especially to those who persecute me.  But here is where my very human side wants to show itself because I think I would rather say two other words this morning.

I'll let you use your imagination, Ijatz.



Amjad Ali Waince

Mam , I know one thing only , Dogs barked as per their nature Always and humble , wise people didn't give them any importance. Even not throw any stones on them . I believe , trust and respect you so much . This storm will be over soon . With the grace of Almighty God we will stand up again. We will move again. 


Tiger Lily

Some people said - just let it go and ignore them.

Some people said - rip them apart.

lol  I considered keeping my mouth shut and letting people just think what they want.  but - i thought no.  let me say it once - to set the record straight.

I'm pretty sure that some of the guardians (like i mentioned above) ran away a long time ago. So i find it funny that he even came back at all.  Isn't he ashamed to come back when we are all in mourning?

But i guess some people are just that way.  They look for the train wreck - not to help the survivors - but to stand and take pictures and sell them to the highest bidder for the tabloids.

They love a crisis because that is when they feel better. When they see others in pain.

It doesn't take long for people to eventually show their true nature.

and now we see his, and many others. 

I hope they continue to speak vile - because then they can collect together, so we can smell their stench and stay away.


Abidemiademok21 M

If there is something I will never want to lose on uptrennd, it is the family which love more than I thought.

The family is no other group than the loyal and trustworthy people of uptrennd.

I will still use your word as you e always told me. Even if you tell your mind to a hater, they will still hate you or telling the truth so rather than becoming like them, let them rant and say all they could but as for many of us that believed, the most high sees our mid and our motive for doing things.

I will always appreciate what you've been doing since inception and no man in his right sense will talk bad about otherost especially when such could not withstand the storm when it was at the highest.

The lord is our strength momma. 22222 still stands. 



Tiger Lily


When the storm raged - I'm pretty sure he was stealing a lifeboat and saving himself.that's his choice. let him live with it

but now he's back??? LOL

oh my gosh - how dishonorable.  To dance on a grave at a funeral??? Its reproachable!

I love you my D-------- hahahahahahaha  shhhh we won't say it still LOLOLOL

22222 still stands!!!!!


El Salvadore

Such positivity!

No wonder for once, I never doubted the goodness of UU and never lost hope.


Tiger Lily

Hi there Chuk Chuk! ehehehe

you just stay near home please... hehehe

finish your barrister exams and get back to your home!!! LOL  we miss you


Bluefin Studios

For me, I cannot spend what time we have left in a mean spirited way. I have met so many amazing people at Uptrennd. I plan to spend my time, in Peace and moving forward with only good.


Tiger Lily

someone told me this morning.. "get used to people saying stuff like this - you're famous. That's why famous people don't read the tabloids"  LOLOLOLOL

i'm like - i am NOT famous.  I'm only Uptrennd "famous" LOL

He said - yeah and that's why you're getting the Uptrennd crap! hahaha

I will say this - at least he got me laughing :)

I hope that this all works out for the good of our team and the people that love to earn the right way - hard work & fun! hehehe

we will see :)


Olawalium Olawale

This is life. A lot of people are plastic. They are not close to being real and they melt with a bit of fire. Your influence spreads like fragrance. Not many people can say you planned anything or cheated anything because I know you have integrity. It hurts to see all that you put in but gained nothing out of it. It's sad but I know this won't break you. You are resilient and strong. 

Just ignore them mama. There is no higher court than the court of conscience. You did everything in good faith and you have nothing to worry about. I am glad you cleared the air too just in case we have anyone who thinks as shallow as this person you mentioned. It is well. We move, mama.


Tiger Lily

It is life..

and people have showed themselves - and this is actually a good thing.

because when the fire gets hot - the first ones to run are the ones who weren't genuine at all.

but we stay- and continue to stay.  for the people who are here - and we will find a new home. 

The ones who are showing themselves are really just doing us all a favor.

moving on ;)


Olawalium Olawale

Absolutely, mama. They did everyone a huge favour because snakes blend with woods until the fire is added. Glad you've seen them for who they are. Maybe we meet some few bad people in life so that when we meet the good ones, we can appreciate them better.

You are an amazing person, mama.


Tiger Lily

Wow....I like that!

Snakes blend with wood until the fire is added 

I'll remember that one!!

Love you too...and don't stay far away hehehe


Olawalium Olawale

I will be around, mama. Love you always.


Gohar Ali

Don't give importance to such people.they are nothing.they are just comforting their selves by these thing.thats the beauty of bad time that it shows real face.


Tiger Lily

You are very correct.  

I guess that is the collateral beauty :)

Thank you!!!  I am going to try to keep reminding myself of that!







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