I'm Back and Ready To Rock This!

I first got started with uptrennd when it first launched and put in a serious amount of time and effort into the site including leveling up to level 22!

However with work and the Job/Business taking over my life and then the craziness of all last year my hands where so tied I had little time but to even sleep.

I have to say though you have all done an amazing job here with keeping the site up, keeping people motivated and honestly building an awesome community around 1up token and UpTrennd itself.

It's refreshing and good to be back.

I would say expect to see a nearly daily article from me related in crypto and investing as that is an area I now hit hard. Building passive incomes is what helped me get through last year when the shit hit the fan and I want to share all of that knowledge with you all so if you ever are in that situation yourself you back some support to help you through.

A bit of a short post today more of a HEY I'M HERE and going to be active now post lol

If any of you remember me please comment below and let me know a bit about what you have been up to lately.

I look forward to talking and connecting with you all again. Stay happy and healthy my friends and let's crush 2021!!!



13 Jan

Although I am a new member, I just started one month ago,you are highly welcome sir,uptrennd is place we can be exposed to so many opportunities. Welcome back sir.


Sean Supplee
14 Jan

Thank you it's good to be back :)


preview not available Betty Ozemoje
15 Jan

It's been a while Sean, welcome back 

Last year was a tough one. Thank goodness things are gradually settling now 


Sean Supplee
15 Jan

Agreed but it's those hard times in where the actions we take and how we react to it that matter the most. I hope many come out of it strong and better than they where instead of resorting to negative.







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