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I'm a simple artist at heart and also a good cook 😄.

I'd been cooking here outside using firewood or some dried fruit (Mahogany fruit) since we ran out of cooking gas hehe lol.

What's the menu? 

It's our favorite nilagang Baka or Filipino beef soup in English.

As you can see on my photo header that I bring to boil the beef together with some potatoes (sliced in cubes), Baguio string beans, and a lot of cabbage...yummy!

preview not available

I also put knorr beef cubes to taste it better 😁.

Then I took my selfie with my Samsung A52 while cooking here.

preview not available

After a couple of minutes.

Finally! It is time to eat my lunch haha!

And because it is me who cooked it I assure you guys that this is very delicious 😄.

Common let's eat!

preview not available

Thanks and keep on Uptrennding!



preview not available javier arturo pulido andueza
11 Apr

The cooked soup
In firewood it is very tasty, it is as if this way of cooking improves its flavor.
Veal soup is a very delicious recipe, especially if it has vegetables as ingredients, this makes it very nutritious and that is why one of my favorites.


Dwightjaden Respondo
11 Apr

That's right bro Xavier, I'm looking forward to seeing one of your posts about your cooking too 😄.


Abiodun Oguntuyi
11 Apr

This is looking yummy and delicious. I feel like eating. It pains me that those ingredients is not in my country


Edy Stringz
11 Apr


I can feel that it is delicious from here, sir 

I trust your cooking skills, and it is a good thing that you are good at both cooking, and drawings 

Thanks for sharing this with us 


Huda Mehru
11 Apr

Wowww its really amazing to you see Cooking as usual i always see your art work now seeing foods cook by you its amazing keep it up 


Fatema's World
11 Apr

Wooooow seeing that my mouth watering hahha... seems that it was so yummy...I hope that one day I could taste philipino delicious dishes in Philippine hahha... nice lunch with nature bro.. 







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