I’m a permabear regarding the planet right now - except for BTC and ETH

Every time the Fed or the government kick the can down the road, the problem gets worse. They have done it financially for decades already, since 2008 financial collapse for example, and they have done it in election fraud for decades too. For example the Dominion voting machines that have been used this year to attempt a USA presidential election – that ended in a train wreck – have been caught in fraud years ago already. But still it goes on, with no one stopping it. Well the can has been kicked far enough in the political and financial fraud against the people, and the time to call it out once and for all is now.

Perhaps I’m a permabear, but when you see the evidence of crime that goes on globally and locally for decades, then it is natural for anyone to be a permabear. I will switch to bullish or optimistic once I see the evidence for it. My opinions are simply based on evidence. And data. All of which is there for those who wish to see it. It’s so bad that I’m actually a polar bear right now, frozen into permafrost by the illegality, the crime, fraud, corruption and evil going on in the guise of politics, elections and finance.

I am so bearish that I’m expecting the global financial situation to get worse. I also see the political situation getting worse. The next step downhill form here is world war. I expect one soon. And this bearishness extends to my prediction for the global economy. The Great Depression is here already. 

The only thing I am bullish about is bitcoin. And perhaps some other cryptocurrencies, like Ethereum, which is now on its way upward after a recent double bottom pattern on the ETH/BTC daily chart. About four days ago ETH fell to support and has begun to bounce back upward in BTC as well as USD value. Nothing else is bullish besides crypto right now.

Civil society is also at the all time low for confidence. And as confidence collapse in any system, be it economic or social or political, then it will collapse. Sentiment is so bearish for all the mega systems on the planet now, that investment in the future is almost impossible. One focus right now is prepping, bugging out and self-sufficiency. That is the bullish option – save yourself, protect yourself, do it for yourself. The systems of finance and politics are collapsing. 

Permabears of the world be prepared, now is your time to bug out, go hibernate and sit it out somewhere in the vast wilderness, far away from the cities and the systems. The systems are collapsing and decay is evident. And I haven’t even mentioned the disease issue globally. 

So this is a mixed message from me today. Life is looking bearish, but bitcoin is looking bullish, along with some other cryptocurrencies. So if you are able to disengage from the legacy institutions like the financial and political and social systems, then do so now, for your own good. 

Invest in some bitcoin or ethereum and go sit it out somewhere in a remote wilderness area for a year. Then return – if there is anything left to return to. A year out camping in the wild is the best thing to do for survival and sanity in the current global condition. As the net is drawn tighter around us all in the coming months, it may be impossible to bug out. 

This is all my personal opinion and none of it is to be taken as gospel. I simply tell it as I interpret it from my subjective view point. I hope I’m wrong about the coming world war and Greatest Depression in history, but I would rather be prepared – and wrong – than the opposite.  



Ogunleye Oluwafemi olawale
23 Nov

To my own understanding, I think crypto currency Bitcoin and the likes are only going into process thereby making all to depreciate I know by the time they finished those process,the price will boost up massively in no time, this life is full of ups and downs so that is what we all facing now 


Nathaniel GB
23 Nov

From a practical standpoint, I agree with all or most of your general sentiment / observations. Civil society in many countries is breaking down, hate and greed are on the rise. While it is prudent to buy Bitcoin and do some level of prepping, it's important to remember love for all in these times (i.e. share with the less fortunate) and I'd advise reading the Book of Revelation in the Bible. Chapter 16:2 talks about the Mark of the Beast. Some kind of mark ...whether a chip and or mandatory vaccine chip is coming......the question is how did an author from thousands of years ago know of this if it wasn't from the Lord??? I'll let each one make his/her mind up....just recommending a read.

And the author has some good survival tips to follow....some Bitcoin in a cold wallet and some extra rice, etc might save your life someday.


XxX offiong
23 Nov

There is nothing wrong with your opinion, in my own case I always expect the unexpected so aligning with your summation is in order for me.

Also hoping this bullish fever gets to our Uptrennd token too


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