I LOVE UPTRENND APP ~ Launch is nearer than you expect!! πŸ™Œ

Uptrennd is not only a social media platform but because of it, I learned so many new things, met with so many great minds all around the globe and gained some good profits too. When I joined I see observed so many things the first thing I see was "Web version of Uptrennd Beta" It seems so odd at first sight so many questions rise why would a person open the lid of the laptop to access a social media platform? Eh? Started using Uptrennd gained some 1UPs by just doing what I loved to do "Praise Nature" I loved the response by my followers I always say in all social media platforms just don't focus on numbers how much you gain just focus on a single follower who loves your content and try to give feedback after reading it that's your success if you are there for a longer run :)

Uptrennd App? YES!

preview not available

The long waited Uptrennd App is going to launch in days I must say don't get me wrong if it extends as of I don't handle this stuff but yes I'm a tester too so according to my analysis Uptrennd App is almost ready fully fast, sleek design and what I love is? Your post notifications popups 😁 I love it when it popups in the notification bar that someone has created a post or commented on your post πŸ˜‰ Curious? Let me show you screenshots haha don't be jealous OK?

preview not available

I'll try to put up more screenshots so you guys can see how it looks like because many are asking me and I don't wanna share them individually :)


preview not available

User-friendly home page you can access everything easily like Create Post, Messages Box, Notifications, sidebars and so many options.

Let's click 3 Top Corner lines πŸ˜‰

preview not available

Just wow I can see my red rose cover photo too with tons of options in a simplified way what else you want? πŸ˜‚ Oh, I missed my #natureseries which part was that in which I posted that Rose? Can you guess? If you're reading this lol I'll give away some 1UPs to the first person to guess in which part of #natureseries I posted that Rose :)

Let's head towards Profile! πŸ™Œ

preview not available

I loved this part more than anything it shows each and everything in a clear way although I's hide the points for some reason 😏 Don't be jealous you all be using it very soon.

Enough? Yes, I'll try posting more features of the Uptrennd App in upcoming posts maybe if I get some time. I'll be suffering from exams fever in a week maybe not confirmed yet but have to study hard lol these online classes have ruined all the studies and have studied less this semester too. I hope I'll cope with that very soon.

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Be patient guys exciting times ahead πŸŽ‰πŸ˜‰

^ N A V I ~



Merit Ahama
02 Mar

Am feeling really excited about the Uptrennd app, you giving us a glance through makes me even more excited and I am loving it 😍

Me using uptrennd app πŸ€”πŸ˜³πŸ™„πŸ˜œπŸ₯³πŸ˜

Words can't express it lol

Oh about the little giveaway, that flower was from your #natureseries part 12 πŸ™‚

I hope I am the first. 

But why did you stop your natureseries? They are so lovely. 


preview not available Navi .
02 Mar

You're always correct! Consider a little reward from my side :) πŸ₯³ 

At that time nature community was overwhelmed by low quality flower posts that discouraged me πŸ™„

Navi has donated 50 points to Merit Ahama 1 month ago


Merit Ahama
02 Mar

Wow thanks for the tip. 

Come on! I don't know you to be someone who would be discouraged by that, you are really good at what you do.

I want to believe that low quality posts in that community has reduced now. 

You can do it again and even better. 

Maybe I might join you once you start again 😁😊


Suny Ag
02 Mar

Even I am planning to restart my flower/nature series. I love photography so I will do it again. 


Essa sherazi
02 Mar

This is good news for all of us looking forward to the Uptrend app and Uptrend platform is better and better than other social media platforms.  We have learned a lot and gained a lot from it.  We have full confidence in the uptrend and I hope it will be launched soon


Agaga Julius
02 Mar

This is truly the best so far with the little you have shown us. I am over excited right now just because of this long awaited app. I know the coming of this app is not far from here. 

This wi make may lost uptrenndians to find their way into the platform again and will even attract many people to uptrennd. This is our prayer and I'm pretty sure we are going to spread the news together. 


Amjad Ali Waince
02 Mar

We are excited already but this post makes us more crazy about the uptrennd app. Burns the flame of eagerness high. Really it is soft news for us that app is more near then expected time . Outstanding features and beauty could be witnessed.


Musawir Ali
02 Mar

Can't wait to get my hands on our very own Uptrennd app

It will solve many problems and make things much more easier for everyone 







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