I Just Received My First XIO Rewards from Staking 1UP!!

It's Finally Happened!!

I am totally pumped about this! I just received my first XIO rewards from the staking I did through Uptrennd! It's been a bit of a wait, but I wasn't even expecting any return yet.

At the end of December, I staked some 1UP into the 1UP portal in XIO, and it seems that monthly reward, perhaps, has been sent out. I know it's not a lot of XIO at all, but the fact that I earned some return after 1.5 months is very encouraging!

It's great to see a lot of green markets on a daily basis, and sometime its swings red; however, whether it goes up or down, I'm good!!

If you havent looked into staking 1UP or XIO with XIO Network, now is an excellent time. XIO is changing the way funding is done for startups, and I certainly don't want to miss that boat. Cheers!

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Do you stake any currency through XIO?

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Sincere Helper
21 Feb

Thanks Lucas for the information about your gain in xio through swapping. Xio is good platform and partner of Uptrennd the future nation.


Shmily Gul
21 Feb

Congratulations Lucas.


Asifa Omar
21 Feb

congratulations and thanks for sharing the info about XIO


Mark Dominique
21 Feb

Cool! Thanks for sharing about this. I didn't even know that you can stake 1UP via XIO.

Anyway, congratulations!


preview not available Kamran Akbar
21 Feb

Congratulations lucas🎉 its good to know you are everywhere and in everything 🙌


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