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I just Deposited 43,000 1UP and Made it to Level 22. Check out the video!

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Jeff Kirdeikis 3 months ago

This is an awesome video! Thanks for showing the support, means a lot from you! :) 

30% of tokens are burned,
20% of tokens are put in a DAO fund,
and the remainder are put back in cold storage :)

Randy Hilarski 3 months ago

Thank you Jeff! You have done a great job with Uptrennd. 

Greg Ree 3 months ago

I think some of the tokens are going back to the team and some get burned when you level up. Not 100% sure though. Congrats on level 22.

Randy Hilarski 3 months ago

Thank you for answering that Greg!

Itliker Shadda 3 months ago

Wow, ❕your really going to get a huge ROI from this investment. 

congratulation on hearing 10 ting sound 📢 in 60 sec. 

Thanks for making videos and motivating 

Randy Hilarski 3 months ago

We will see how the ROI works out. I love Uptrennd for the crypto theme.

Itliker Shadda 3 months ago

I also love ❤️ uptrennd. it improving every day. 

Mayur Gaikwad 3 months ago

Around 30% tokens gets burned.

From level 14  to 22 🤩.

How much did you spend for tokens??

Randy Hilarski 3 months ago

Just under 2 ETH. Thank for the feedback, 30% burned seems fair.

Busola Akinlolu 3 months ago

Awww, that was a very big move Randy, you flew like with a rocket. The deposit is indeed live.







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