I hear the call of the pyre

Hey there Uptrennd, here is a poem I wrote today, as the Moon wanes to it's darkest point and the old era ends and the world awaits the new.

As much as I try, day after day

or night after night to fight the good fight

I find my self falling aside on the way

enveloped by darkness, devoid of all light

Dark moon it’s the end, my time has now come

good bye my old friend now that your day is done

look death in the eye and smile at the sun

for when your time ends, the next life has begun

Just like the new moon, again we shall rise

forget the old order the new norm is here

wax on or wax off, there is no surprise

there’s nothing more grave, there is nothing to fear

There’s nothing at all left in this crowded world

nothing for me, not a thing left to choose

there’s nothing more dangerous - a man of his word

with nothing at all left and nothing to lose

Good night and God speed my good knight of the realm

ride off into your last and final sunset

for even the dark moon aboard at the helm

will rise one more time now so never regret

Soldier on ever more, the eternal campaign

the fight for the truth as illusion rides high

there is nothing to lose and nothing to gain

so fly to your end soldier, fly eagle fly

Illusion still rips all we have from our hands

until we let go, let it fall to the dust

remember your truth as you make your last stand

who am I really when my metal is rust?

I am free, liberated, beyond space and time

I’m free as a bird with eternal sunshine

future nor past neither clock will now chime

for consciousness fills this intelligent design

Eternal I fly on my journey to serve

truth and beauty and life for the good of us all

from the still point I’m centered and simply observe

the rise of the sun as the moon takes her fall

(image pixabay)



XxX offiong
12 Nov

Be it in poetry or whatever form, expressing ourselves also goes a long way in helping others you never thought of


Julescape Crypto
21 Nov

Good point XxX, thanks for the reminder. Uptrennd realy helps us to learn form each other.


preview not available Betty Ozemoje
12 Nov

Hey Jules, is there anything you can't do??? Lol. I know you write on personal growth, philosophy and some times crypto related.  Never knew you are a poet too. This is your first poem am seeing and am so loving every line. 

It clearly describes the hustle bustles of life. 


Julescape Crypto
21 Nov

Hey thanks Betty for your positive feedback. We all have our strengths and weaknesses. I am good at ideas and language, which Uptrennd really facititates. I have no training in coding or motor mechanics though lol.


Ekrem Colak
12 Nov

It's a great poem. Definitely the best expression of the day. However: Please think about the 2nd life (eternal, permanent) life in the Hereafter !! What, what needs to be done? please research and invest.

Thanks Julescape.


Julescape Crypto
21 Nov

Yes that is an imporatnt point Ekrem. We need to keep the goal in mind and be aware of the long game. I will reasearch further on this most important matter.


Ekrem Colak
22 Nov

Thank you so much. I appreciate your work. God willing, humanity will benefit from this wonderful platform and ideas.

Thanks again.







All things poetry.



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