I have heard some people say that we will get what we deserve. Is that true?

Assalm O Alaikum 

Dear uptrenndianns 

I think human  can change his own destiny But it happens when a person has the courage and the longing to get something.

It is just a matter of our minds and we convince our minds that we will get what is,our deserves.

No, everyone can change their destiny. If you start thinking that this is the only purpose of my life, you will never succeed.

Be it love or any journey of life and any purpose of life never give up because when courage come man achieves anything.

But there are a lot of people who, when they fall in love with a girl or a boy, they just say that if she is in my destiny, we will meet to each other.

Don't leave anything to destiny. Try to change your destiny .

Remember that in this world man can do whatever he wants but if you work hard because only the one who works gets its fruits. Similarly Allah Almighty has said in the 

Holy Qur'an that

Allah Almighty Himself has said that

" if a person works hard, I will definitely give him the fruit of his work."

So tell me, can a human being change his own destiny?

Thank you for reading guys… 

     Have a nice day ahead to everyone… 

     God bless us 😊

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Nisha Tahir
29 Sep

right its in man hand to change his destiny never be satisified with what you got aim for more and thank for you already have 

there is a saying that once someone ask from Hazrat Ali that  if everything is written in destiny than why we pray and he replied that maybe in your destiny it is written that you will get what you pray 

so always work hard for your goals god help those who help themselves 


Syed Tasawar Raza
29 Sep

Walkiekm slam dear. We can get everything by work hard and strong believe on Allah Almighty. May you live long and spread positivity in this life.


Kenechukwu Ezeme
29 Sep

Whatever we deserve can only be determined due to the level of hard work that we put into it. There is no two ways about it and there's no magic about it so anyone that thinks that he deserves better in love or in life must work towards making it a reality.

I've seen people that enter relationships without valuing their partner in any way. Such a person would hardly experience the good side of that relationship because his efforts was not channeled into nurturing it


Uzair Ahmed
29 Sep

Good morning dear your all post is creative as that's post is so best I like yiur thoughts about human beings this can be chainge with few best steps hard work etc


Noor Chaudhry
29 Sep


yupp human change its own destiny BY their satisfied behavior and effort if we they work hard to make their lufe easier they will we know that nothing is impossible so why we thing "i cant do this and that" we do what we wanna do we have to be a good one we change our destiny by our self and it is important to make change in life without it we never understand real mean of life and its critical things....


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