I Do Not Believe In Racism. 🤍🖤


I hope you are all enjoying good health and life.   

Life isn't so easy as it seems.  There is alott of hurdles and things we have to face every day.  In all these circumstances what we do for our peace is more important than all.

Yeah I have seen many successful people in my life but they aren't satisfied with their life . Who is this so ????? Coz they are living the fake life.  They are trying to live in illusionistic world.  They are doing nothing but to fool themselves.  

Do the things which give you peace and happiness.  

I know that money can't buy happiness but still many people don't have believe on these words.  I do not know why ?   Its very simple when you LL try to do things for money and which can't give you pleasure and happiness then this is waste.  

Believe in yourself.  Believe in Allah.  Try to do something out of the box.  Do not go on the same teach by watching people on this.  We all are not same but our work our behaviour our attitude can make all of us beautiful.   


 you are black or white. 

You are small or tall

You are beautiful or ugly

You are normal or crippled

You all are beautiful.  

Believe in yourself and do the work which make you happy.   The stage is all yours.   

Have a happy and beautiful day Ahead.   

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Sussy Love
22 Nov

Racism is bad, but humans are biased beings and I have come to accept that reality, don't get e wrong I do not conform to it, I just don't deceive myself I just add that knowledge to the arsenal of things I use to go through life


Daniel Mayowa
22 Nov

No matter our color or sex or nationality we all are the same and we all are beautiful the way we are we should be proud of who we are







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