"I became selfish " part 2

Here is the 2nd part of "I became selfish" in case you missed 1st part... Here is the link.. 


....... Continued 

"I decided I will be doing nothing now I will just cry,  nothing is left for me in this world nothing no any relationship but if there was something it was selfishness. 

I hated everything, my family wanted to kill me when Alex left me I could not sleep for many days.

I thought I will never love anyone again, I can't afford anyone's loss just because of me..

When  I met you I thought my parents will also kill you I became affraid, I decided to stop taking with you for forever and I did it..

"At that time you were only a good deed for me nothing else but everything has changed in these six years, I thought we could only the ones, I thought I would never love anyone else again..." She stopped there"..

"He was looking at her " she was bowing her ahead. 

I  myself loved Alex but Allah made me love you. In thses  6 years I kept praying in namaz that I may never see you again, may ever meet you again.

 "I prayed to God to keep my secrets and never make you aware of them, for 6 years my prayers were being accepted, I didn't see you anytime neither met with you but today I forgot to pray and look  you are in front of me...

I had  all the relationships but I lost them, so there is no one in this world who will take care of me. In these years every night I was thinking that you might be missing me.

There are a lot of people whom you love but fewer will be there to love you, I thought you loved me but not now, I also know that. 

"He was looking at her very calmly"

I am responsible for loss of many peoples lives, a lot of people suffer because of me, I  should show disloyalty to my parents even I became shame for my family, Alex lost his life only because of me but  you have not been harmed by me at least I never thought wrong about you. 

it's true I lied to you with, I stop meeting with you but never caused harm to you.. Even if there is something you're worried about you faced because of me I am sorry for that.

He left the scene as he was looking angry, she took her back and tried to follow him but he disappeared in the darkness.

She knew Ali was never going to look back, " Ali's life is his own there's no any place for me in that" she told everything about her as she was determined to. She already knew the consequences.

"In every story there are some characters which are gained and there are some characters which the lost there are some people who gain some characters and there are some people who lost but I am the one who lost everything.."she started thinking "

after some days there was a Eid and everyone was celebrating Eid. After playing in the community centre she came out, it is started drizzling, the weather started becoming cool and cool she thought to go out and have a little walk... She started working at the footpath. 

"If you don't mind I can drop you at your doorstep" someone said by stopping his car.

no thanks, she played

 it can rain heavily he asked her again, 

it's alright, she replied.

While she was walking at the footpath She saw 2 birds sitting together.. 

"one for sorrow two for joy" she pronounced... 

"Joy" she started smiling...... 

To be continued...... 





Arbab khan
29 Jul

we should not be selfish rether than we should loyal and always help others....



Asfand Yar Khan
29 Jul

very nice story with mgical words is it true ???



Medicoz Doc
29 Jul

No dear... It's just fictional story. 



Ali Hassan
29 Jul

We should help each other beacuse union has strenght 



Ashfaq Faqi
29 Jul

We should not be selfish, I think we should help each other and you have explained it very well with a nice story.



ISHA 🌸 Ilyas
30 Jul

She might be selfish for Alex but now I think she's innocent.. Because she realized and accept all those mistakes!! 

I think someone who is present in footpath may be he is Ali.. 

Let's see in the next story! 



Medicoz Doc
30 Jul

Almost you have summarized the whole story.... May be that guy be Ali😅... 

Last part will be coming soon... 

Thanks for stopping by. 



ISHA 🌸 Ilyas
30 Jul

Am I. Right? 👀🤔 Lol😅OK waiting for the next part! 



Medicoz Doc
03 Aug

@ishailyas, I have made created part 3(the end)... Wait is over. 



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