(am old school)

tho am really not that old, who?..

but I go far back as-

it only was a couple channels

on the Tizz-ube

a station for movies,

then one for the News,

first music broadcast was MTV

with them London dudes

then Rock n Roll push thru

after that we pick up on Game

when Fab 5 Freddy

showed us what we can do....

(am old school)

like Wild Style and Krush Groove

I seen  the "Da ha Da ha" video 

by Rapping Duke..

in South Florida..all thru the 80s

me & my cousins in The Pack Jam

dancing wit the ladies..

that was Two Live Crew's Club,

on Saturday mornings for the youth

they would open up..

but at night the grown folks

turning up, nothing but

Flip Flop paint jobs,Gold Grills & bigbutts 

then in the90s wen parents split up

moved back to Old Mil &

then the Kid grew up..

there i was taught some 

Throw it down & some Pick Up

on that Al Capone "give it up!" 

..."i ain't no joke"

was in rotation tough ..

heard Rakim

&realized calm kats like us,

can spit flow'tion & collect come up

now am writing all day in the basement and don't come up..

(naw)😁 hip hop 4life

yeah am Old School.....



Egwu Doris .
26 Aug

I am really at your side bro. Most of the old school songs goes with a lot of meanings. Unlike songs sang in our dispensation


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