I am Okay with both, the 'Pump' and 'Dump' of BCH:-

Generally, we start every job with having some plans for it. In every case, we plan to have successful or profitable results. These results are the factors that always keep us associated and in love with our job.

My journey to $BCH started about two months back from read.cash and noise.cash. And the very first day I made some plans and targets too. My first and only plan is to join #Club1BCH and collect 1 $BCH as soon and fast as possible.

I didn't just make a plan but also set a point or Target for throwing it away. Do you wanna know what is the target?

Lol... In this case, I don't wanna be the Laszlo Hanyecz to buy Pizzas of it😋 nor I wanna be Martti Malmi to cash out them for a Studio.😝

Now I think you may be got known that I am not selling my $BCH for less. At least not before it goes double of its previous ATH ($3700 ).

While HODLING, I don't care about time, dumps, and even pumps. Whatever it takes, may it be months, years, or decades but I am not doing any shit to my $BCH but just to HODL.🤗

So taking my plans and targets into consideration, I am saying that I am okay with both 'the pump' and 'the dump' of $BCH.

If it pumped, may it reaches the target I have set for selling🤑 , and if it's dumping it's making my way easier to join #Club1BCH. Because I have invested all my fiat in $BCH, $BNB, and $1UPs. So I can't buy anything more but I can earn. And in case of earning the low rate favors me. For example, if $BCH is worth $1000 a tip of $1 will earn me 0.001 BCH. While it's worth $500, the same tip will earn me 0.002 BCH.🤑🤗

Isn't the low rate more beneficial and profitable for me?🙃 I think it is.

That's why I don't care about the market but just care about my work and earning strategy. I am also telling you to think technically regardless of the price in the case of #BCH.

Wish me good luck to achieve my goal of joining #Club1BCH.🤗


Image source: Pixabay and edited through PicsArt.

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Lubna Rao
23 Feb

you are first that is saying that you are OK happy both low or high the value of BItchin

But best wishes for you. Allah Almighty fulfill  to achieve your goal


Somoo Hassan
23 Feb

That's a good reason to narrate in the favour of low rate of BCH.


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