Hello, everyone!!

Trust you are having a good time here on Uptrennd? of course, I know you do.

What a wonderful day it is? The day just started like every other day, But I seemed to be more excited than I had ever been. My happiness was radiating off of me. My friend, Navi asked, O.P! Why? you seem so damn excited today? Today ' I replied, well, some days are like that hehehe I laughed. 

I looked at the mirror after I have dressed up, but the mirror I think is not giving me a correct hint of my outfit (I looked not right in the mirror). So, I pulled my necklace chain, my wristwatch, my earrings, my sneakers that was well polished before wearing. 

After all these, I went back to the bathroom, brushed again and all. At this time I dressed fine and hopped into my car and zoomed off to Dr. Jenny's house. She is one of the most beautiful in Uptrennd city, so caring, so loving, has a very wonderful height. She's good.

When I entered her compound I parked and went into her house, at the entrance I yelled, Dr. Jenny! But she didn't reply. So I entered her living room and again Dr.Jenny!! At this time, the faint reply came from the bathroom room; your date is here, please wait I will be out in one minute time.

I was seating all comfortably on the sofa as I wait for her. After some minutes she joined me in the living room. We exchange greetings…

Dr. I am glad you visited… I planned to visit you today but now you're here.

Me: Awww. Worry not I am with you now.

Dr. Jenny: So what's your think about the fancy ball that  Mr. E invited all gamers to?

Me: hehe that's actually why I am here. I want us to go together. I have a firm belief that Mr. E loves what we're doing in Uptrennd City.

Dr. Jenny: wow!! Go with you that's fine.

Me: let's go to the boutique and buy some new dresses. 

Dr. Jenny: As you know it's the first balling in Uptrennd City, so you need to dress fine as an entertainer and to make yourself known to all Gamizens.

Me: Oh, yeah!! You also have to look good lol

Dr. Remember that we will also freestyle on the stage that day (On Friday eve) our secret hehe.

After the long discussion, we went out and bought some dresses that will be classified as classic cute lol

This is how me and my date (Dr. Jenny), have planned to go to the fancy balling on Friday eve. Host: Mr. E. 

I am lucky that she agreed to go with me. (date) my heart is full of joy.


preview not available

Designed by Dr.Jenny

How do we look? Cute, right? Jajaja.

preview not available

Dr. Jenny design 

Feelings of gratitude and agility everywhere in the City Jajaja.

I remain muted till when I decided to talk again hahaha

To this end, I call it, Uptrennd City Game | Mission 10 A

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Mansoor Hayat
24 Feb

Wao sir great post really . How you wrote it it's a standard post. 

your content is pure.


O.P iykman
24 Feb

Hehe, I am glad you enjoyed reading through it.

But I would've loved it if talked about anything related to the post. Like what is the post for hehe


Dr.Jenny .
24 Feb

WOW, I liked the way you created the scene ...we will enjoy a lot there any everyone will notice us...

can't wait when party will be started 


O.P iykman
24 Feb

Hehehe!!  Do you know that our write-up appeared the same as if we played it? Hahaha

I hope we gonna enjoy a lot of the fancy balling. I feel the same too the day reach


Suny Ag
26 Feb

You know now why I did not invite you, I knew you had a date so I did not want to be a killjoy for you two 😉


O.P iykman
26 Feb


Yes, I have an awesome date. We are really ready to ball with Mr.E hehe

Hope you have a date too or are you planning to go solo lol


Suny Ag
26 Feb

I thought you saw that I have the best of them all sitting in my car :) Actually, I had 3 offers so I accepted the first! 


preview not available Osato Jegede
26 Feb

The amazing looking suit is incredible awesome 


O.P iykman
26 Feb


Thank you very much for your gracious words, sir.

I am glad that you liked my attire hehe


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