Hey Uptrenndians.

 I had a good time interviewing Elena yesterday. She is such a lovely person. I won't say much here . Make sure you watch the video and see all for yourself. Below are some additional questions Elena had to answer that were asked by her fans. Enjoy. 

1)What inspires you in life? I mean, what's the major source of motivation in your life?

  I honestly just want to be happy. I know that's a cliche but when it comes to love, work, life and family isn't that the goal? Do the job you love because it won't feel like a job. Do things you enjoy because that's what makes life exciting. And only stick to people that make your life go in a positive direction otherwise things go down hill fast. So I am motivated by to push myself forward with anything in life that makes me happy. 

2) When is your birthday and what would be a dream birthday for you? 

My birthday is October 1st (woot Libra!) I would LOVE to take an actual vacation one day. Do like a week long all inclusive island trip and just soak up the sun and water. I've never had a chance to take a trip like that and it's always been my dream. 

3)What excites you the most in Uptrennd? 

It's just fun! I love the site and I love the people that I have had a chance to work with. Not a lot of people can say that they get to work with people all over the world. I absolutely love that part. Also the community is amazing. It it is truly exciting to watch people's lives play out in realtime article after article. 

4) Who is your celebrity crush? 

Haha I don't think I have had a celebrity crush since I was a teenager. But man in the 90s I had a big 'ol crush on Clea DuVall. I guess I had a thing for angsty teenage badgirls lol. 

5) What's your biggest challenge being a guardian and how has it been so far? 

I love what I do. It is really a fun job, I am extremely lucky. But one of the biggest challenges is that it is 24/7. My phone constantly goes off. Luckily I have a very patient wife that understands why I work so hard. Sometimes things need to be taken care of, but honestly I need to take some time for myself and my family. Especially while Jude is so young, I definitely don't want to miss precious moments. So juggling family and work can be a struggle sometimes. 

6) Do you have a job apart from Uptrennd and if Yes,/how do you combine it with the stress of Uptrennd. 

I do. I work full time as a business analyst at an insurance brokerage. It certainly is not as much fun as Uptrennd but it pays the bills. It's a good job though and I have been working there for years and luckily they are very good to me. But as soon as that job ends I switch over to Uptrennd lol. I don't really have downtime. I've been doing both for over a year now and have gotten used to it. But do what you love right? Sometimes it can be stressful but I wouldn't give up what I do for Uptrennd for anything... i just enjoy it too much! 

7 )How old are you?

 34 years young. 

My Wall Of Fame


First to correctly answer just one question wins the reward for the question. 

One answer per person. Note please no mutiple answering. 

Each correct answer gets 20 Up tokens. Reward increases gradually. 

Q1.  State the three things Elena has learnt about Love. 

Q2. What is 'key' in Elena's Relationship? 

Q3.  When did Elena join Uptrennd? 

Q4.  Who were the only moderators in Uptrennd as at March 2019 as stated by Elena?

Q5. Who did Elena request to be interviewed next?

 Till I come your way again, I remain your host, the Lovejunkie for UP, TREND & PERSONAL.



preview not available Lucas S
17 May

Awesome interview! It was great hearing all the laughs and smiles that you two shared, and listening to how motivated you are to stay close to family while juggling the workload of two jobs!



TheLoveJunkie Bee
17 May

Oh thank you Lucas, glad you enjoyed it. Looking forward to yours so I'll just slide to your DM hahahah



Naijacryptogirl .
17 May

I came across Elena few days ago on this platform and during the last few days I found out she's a very good lady. I was a bit shaken when I read about her dad's death, it's not easy to lose a loved one. This is a detailed info about her though I find it hard to believe she's 34.she looks way younger than that. I like her though. 



TheLoveJunkie Bee
17 May

Yeah she's a strong lady.

Hahaha 34 going on 24right.



Somkelechukwu Okemgbo
17 May

This is beautiful initiative..... weldone ma.

Q2. The key to Thier relationship is that they split everything.

Q3. She join in January 2019

Q4 Luke, Nathan and Dan



TheLoveJunkie Bee
17 May

You are good but you were to answer just one .



Somkelechukwu Okemgbo
17 May

Well... OK. I guess I read the instructions wrong. But its fine.

Well-done, keep up the Good work!



Carrie Demou
18 May

Hi uptrennd! Its Elena's wife Carrie. I totally have to call her out here... we got married in 2012 on a beach in Galveston TX, got married again (legally) in 2014 in upstate NY, then our marriage was recognized nationally in 2015. 

Why am I calling her out? Honestly because I just think it's funny. 

She works so hard y'all you don't even know. I remember at the beginning she would LITERALLY comment on every post! The site is way to big now to do that but there's no doubt in my mind that if she could she would.

Be good uptrennd and stay healthy!



TheLoveJunkie Bee
19 May

Wow Carrie thank you for stating the correction of how long you both have been married. On behalf of Uptrennd, i want to let you know that you are such a wonderful person for supporting her the way you do, if not she wouldn't be this successful here on Uptrennd so i can say majority of the accolades are directed at you. Thanks for being exceptional.



preview not available Elena Demou
20 May

Hahaha publicly calling me out! Lol. I even corrected myself and I did it wrong lol. We have too many anniversaries and it's hard to get it accurate on the spot lol. Oops! To correct another misstated comment... my first Guardian was actually Steve, Osato was second only a few weeks later. See hard to think on the spot!!!



Linda 🥰
17 May

I can't believe she is married,has a son,a job and still dedicates more time to uptrennd,how does she do it? Well it's nice to know more about her plus her son is so cute



TheLoveJunkie Bee
17 May

Yeah shes a super woman. Lolz








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