✨ I AM A GUARDIAN-- A Dream Come True ✨

“O you who believe! Eat not Riba (usury) doubled and multiplied, but fear Allah that you may be successful”

(Aal-e-Imran, Chapter #3, Verse #130)

I always have a strong belief on this verse and I never let myself into disappointment rather I work harder if failed in achieving anything. My belief has led me out of many difficult situations.

I, Hamid, is glad to announce that I am now an Uptrennd’s Guardian. The journey from a newbie to a journey where everyone knows my name here to the journey of being a Guardian is so remarkable.

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I joined Uptrennd on March during COVID-19 era and started exploring each door where I found myself as a great content writer. Uptrennd has become a part of my life and a door to enter the world of Crypto. I worked hard to be at this point. Uptrennd is not just a platform for me but a home where I met amazing content writers and friends.

Uptrennd become a ray in those horrible lockdown days and I spent my time here knowing that my efforts would not waste here…

I had my trust on Uptrennd even in the dark days and that trust has come back to me as a position of Guardianship. From fewer upvotes to the time when I proved myself as a great content writer and promoter, I enjoyed every single moment I spent here.

My hard work is standing in front of me as a guardianship badge and I really can’t explain the feelings I have now. All the hardships are dancing in front of my eyes when I heard the news of being a Guardian and there is a strange happy smirk on lips thinking of what I actually faced during the whole phase. I must say that’s the happiest day of my life—seeing the dream come true!


This is the luckiest one I must admit as I have fought many battles and won them. I had taken a step forward into a practical life just because of Uptrennd. This post of Guardianship has made this as the golden year my life. By hard work you could achieve anything you want!


I have taken some oaths myself, i.e.

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-I will work hard as a Guardian and would put my whole efforts promoting this platform on other sites too.

-I must not do any kind of favoritism and would fight spam as the prior enemy.

-I must encourage the great content writers and would highly appreciate their content.

-I must help the newcomers from my core heart and others having any kind of difficulty here.

-The doors to my DM are open 24/7 if you need any kind of help

Contact me here on Uptrennd or on Telegram anytime you need—Username @hamidowaisi

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Mahnoor Pathan
07 Mar


Happy to see you as guardian... 

Obviously If we have faith in our dreams, they will come true... 

Best wishes for you and good luck for the new journey... 


preview not available Hamid Owaisi
07 Mar

Thank you so much mahnoor for your well wishes 

God bless you❤️


preview not available Arslan .
07 Mar

Congratulations Hamid 🎊🎉👏🎉👏

My friend, your journey has been incredible and I know how hard you have worked to reach this spot. 💪💪

This is a very historic moment for you. And I know you will work day and night to improve this platform.❤️


preview not available Hamid Owaisi
07 Mar

Thank So much my Twin brother ✨❤️

Everything we achieved together ❤️

Another milestone we get at the same time❤️✨

Thanks for  being a part of my Life✨❤️

God bless you ❤️


preview not available Arslan .
07 Mar

It's an honour and privilege to say we both started everything in our lives together. There is nothing happier for me than that we are real life best friends.

GOD bless you Man ❤️❤️❤️


preview not available Adelan o
07 Mar

😁😉 congrats to you too man😎


preview not available Arslan .
07 Mar

@Adelan thank you so much brother ❤️


M.A Khan
07 Mar

Many many congratulations 🎊 dear @HaMid �. Yes it is like a dream for all of us. It is the result of your hard work and dedication. Keep it up and Allah gives you more in life. 

#keep uptrennding 


Raja 79
07 Mar

First of all, congratulations from the bottom of my heart for this new position. And I hope that you will fulfill your responsibility in the best possible way. May Allah be your helper.


preview not available Hamid Owaisi
07 Mar

Thanks for your words ✨

Stay Blessed ✨❤️


Fariha Khan
07 Mar

Wohoooo another one with blue badge.

Congrats sir so much on this happy occasion.I have nothing for you to gift except my sincere prayers on this day.

Best of luck with the new opointment.


preview not available Hamid Owaisi
07 Mar

Thanks Fariha for your sweet prayers ❤️

Always remember me in your prayers it's a precious gift for me❤️

Stay blessed ❤️✨







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