Here, is how it all occurred

The day just started like every other day, but I seemed to be so excited like I had  never been. My happiness was radiating off of me. My friend Ahmed asked, O.P_ what happened that your face is full of smiles this today? I looked back at him, but I couldn't say a word.

I then went to the bathroom to take my bath, and all.  Then, I went back to my bedroom put on the latest attire I bought some days back I am all prepared to go to a party with my date. But, guess what 😦 I have forgotten that the venue wasn't mentioned in the invitation card. I just acted like a big foo*l Lol 

Seems funny. I was still in that state of confusion when Ti-Elle (Tiger Lily) phoned me and told me that Mr. E has dropped a package again at this time chocolate and some other wonderful stuff were included. 

Above all, there was a puzzle to be solved 💯 yes, puzzle again 

Ti-Elle flipped the card over, hoping there were more instructions to help solve the puzzle. Which read this👇

"Due to the sensitivity of my current situation, I'll be needing to leave clues as to how to locate the Ball. No names can be mentioned, and hopefully, "they" are not watching all of your team's communication. Multiple locations will be prepared for the Ball, but I will only be arriving at one. Think, puzzle, solve. I'm waiting"


  • Equipment at this place will allow us to easily be on the watch.

  • Keep climbing until you reach the pinnacle of success

Get your thinking caps on and you should see victory

After the message, I went and met with the solution providers in the Uptrennd City, and we began to work together according to the instructions.

After some hours of hard work,  @ElizabethV discovered Mr.E!!

we were still yelling for joy when @Fola_Jay, finally discovered that the venue is at Eekay Gee, Billionaire's Row a very big penthouse in the Uptrennd City.

So, now that the venue has been revealed are you still doubting to come? Oh, you don't have to. Just come in two's it gonna be a fun_filled event. 

Host: Mr.E

Venue: Eekay Gee, Billionaire's Row 

​Uptrennd City.

Don't miss coming.

Thank you 

Mission 10b | Uptrennd City

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Adetola Muheez
26 Feb

Lol.. you're not the only one on this..we all were set for the part without knowing the location and time..

Glad Fola jay and every other GAMIZENs helped to unravel the puzzle.

See you at the part.. loads of fun awaits


O.P iykman
26 Feb


See you at the balling too. Hope you won't come solo to the party tonight 🤣


Anum Rizwan 🇵🇰
26 Feb

Hahaha... We both are fools.😂

I was also ready waiting for my friend at her home to go for the ball but didn't know about the location lol.

But thank God, the puzzle is solved now. We can go to the ball. 🙋


O.P iykman
26 Feb

Hahaha ha

So, you acted the same too lol

I am glad the puzzle was solved and now we have discovered Mr. E the game will become more of fun hehe

Hope to see you at the balling tonight! I just arrived at the benue with my date 



Mansoor Hayat
26 Feb

You are not the single one fool. Here are your many fellows like you. 

I have also faced this type of situation.







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