Nothing truly stays the same forever, and as humans we must realise this fact. The human existence is one in which it's occupants must keep evolving, adapting and adjusting in order to remain relevant and sustainable.

The many accomplishments of humans in all sectors only further shows how much the human brain can do if put to the test and is properly utilised. From science and technology, engineering, art, philosophy and a lot more, humans have proved to be able to  do great stuff with what earth has offered.

I don't want to go into the history of how humans evolved, but looking back at then and now we can give ourselves a round of applause. Yes, we have done well and should be happy. 

However, we must realise that for every success, breakthrough, and accomplishments comes a story of sacrifice, persistency, creativity, hardwork and the likes, in short, nothing awesome comes on a platter of gold.

So if you are out there and you continually doubt yourself or abilities, remember you are human too and can excel as much as you want. It all depends on how you can make the best use of your many talents.

Make that choice today, don't look down on yourself or give up trying. Be determined and let your light so shine.


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Manzar Baloch
25 Jan

Human in every era proved themselves that they are the unique creature of this universe and if the human determines they can defeat anything which create hurdles in their life you can take the example of corona virus


preview not available Adelan o
25 Jan

Wow, you said it right. The human capabilities are enormous.


Hameed khan
25 Jan

I think as human we must feel proud that we are best creature of Almighty Allah and Allah loves us more than 70 mother.

Human has too much control over thing and human is progressing day by day by exploring the world


preview not available Adelan o
25 Jan

We keep breaking new grounds, and there is more the human race will still achieve


M.A Khan
25 Jan

we always approved ourselves that we can fight against all hurdles in the path of success. Our hardworking leads to the success. The success begins with an individual. When we learn something it gives us motivation and inspiration to do something in this world. 


preview not available Adelan o
25 Jan

It all begins with you and I, when we all have that drive to make the best of what ever we decide to do, then we excel


George Dee
25 Jan

The way the world has improved is enough inspiration for us as an individual. Every improvement we see today in health sector, medical, security , technology and others  started with someone.

It didn't come easy for them but the believed and pursued that dream. They didn't give up and they succeeded.

If we keep pressing hard on our dreams, the future looks bright 


preview not available Adelan o
25 Jan

With every mistake, error and trial, we never give up, eventually humans get it right. We are that special!!!


Suny Ag
25 Jan

There is no doubt about this fact that we have come this far continually doing better and touch the newer aims but we are humans in the end so we shall probably never reach the point of perfection. I like the way we are because there should always remain the scope to learn something new.


preview not available Adelan o
25 Jan

Humans are flexible beings, always willing to adapt to different situations. And yes that drive to keep learning is very important.


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