The human race as been a long story that no one can tell,no one has the real idea where and when it really started.

I always want to understand the beginning of the world but don't even know how to start.

Imagine you eat, sleep, work,talk, run,sit,play,see, amazing and so unpredictable.but there are some who can't do all of the above.

The World as been a mystery to all even animals have their ways to communicate between themselves and understand.

Trees grow,rain falls.river runs.

All is amazing to me.

But if I may asked how did all this happen.? How did God/Allah knew that communication will be important and gave out voice?

When I wake up everyday and see myself among humans am always happy.

Let's talk about the intelligent installed in man... create cars, build houses, drive car, airplane,cook food.and do a lot more.

Humanity is like magic.

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Abayomi Edun
27 Jan

God is wonderful, he created everything for his pleasure and out of love..

I have wondered why Gid did not make a dog, goat, monkey, lame, dumb and even female; the reason is not far fetch than he made me for himself and my life is not about me, I have something as a male child to do on earth for his glory.

God is a perfect God, he does things at his own will and no one challenge him.

I have sometime think if there is anyone greater than God, but I got none and I moved to  how God created everything; but couldn't comprehend it.

Our little way to appreciate God is to serve him and show love to other people around us as God loves us.


muhammad umair
11 Feb

Great post no doubt Allah is the best creator of everything..


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