Humanity should be our race

He who has not felt the brutality of human wickedness and perhaps, does not understand the depth of forgiveness would quickly shout in his heart, "Fada, talk to them." But this is actually a command which, I think, can only be salvaged by the grace of God and the disposition of the human mind. 

At Mass today, I was lost in thoughts, scavenging through the memory lanes, exhuming the buried emotions: the evils of men and gently, like a surgeon, dissecting it with the scalpel of forgiveness. Of love. Of... selflessness! 

Aside this divine command, we are to forgive, primarily, for our sake, the sake of our mental health! As a mental health nurse, I understand the physiology of emotions in the event of transmutation; in this case, forgiveness. 

I would even want to believe that why I will quickly forgive may not necessarily be because Jesus commands me to do so, but because I have learnt that he who forgives even when the offender has not apologized is a strong man. I mean, a STRONG MAN with capital letter underlined with red pen.



Khrispyshots Chukwuemeka
06 Oct

@Ben Ogbu i feel blessed going through this already . We sometimes think we are doing our neighbours good by forgiving them but just liek you said we are actually doing ourselves the good instead.

Health-wise when we stay in peace we tend to have a free heart too. Also religious beliefs also backs it up too.

I really love the words here, i guess you forgot to add your image source right? always do so .

hope to read more lovely writeups later on. Keep the fire burning


Ben Ogbu
06 Oct

Thanks nwanem nwoke







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