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04 Mar
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HUGE Welcome Bonus For The Steemit Community!

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Zizy Mena 1 month ago

This is a great motivation. I am sure now a lot of my steemit friends would love to join 

Ilin has donated 20 points to Zizy Mena 1 month ago

Ilin Kazandzhiev 1 month ago

GreaT! Are you on Steemit? You can invite all of your friends on Uptrennd, they will which platform is better ;)

Yaseen Khan 3 weeks ago

I join steemit how to join it

Zizy Mena 1 month ago

Yes I am. I'm already on it 

Luke Brenland 1 month ago

Get them over and you can earn 100 points for each friend!

Smyle Juwon 1 month ago

I dropped mine yesterday but i guess you didn't see it due to many comment. My username is smyle.

Zizy Mena 1 month ago

I have made a post already and dropped the url on the comment section.  Don't know if you've seen it but incase you haven't here it is again

Abou Sadiq 1 month ago

How can I join the group

Prechyrukky Precious 1 month ago

This is great. I am a steemian

Let me bring my friends in

Ilin Kazandzhiev 1 month ago

Uptrennd is the best online platform! Spread the word! :)

Tijani Qudus 1 month ago

definitely, i will make sure all my good friends on steemit comes here so they can flourish 

Captain Philips 1 month ago

Painfully, most of my friends ditched Steemit a long time ago, but I’ll still give it a shot!

Ilin Kazandzhiev 1 month ago

You can't earn anything on Steemit. Just come and try Uptrennd ;)

Olusolaemmanuel Emmanuel 1 month ago

Good, am a dedicated steemians I will onboard new members that are my followers here. 

Dtwo FlickySam 1 month ago

This is another great step ahead to bringing and onboarding new members to the platform. This is a nice initiative. 


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