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Twitter Hacked: Billionaires and Corporates Targeted. High-profile #Twitterhack accounts like that of Joe Biden, Jeff Bezos, former US president Barack Obama, Elon Musk, and more were targeted. The hack offered fake bitcoin deals. However, the world could be in bigger trouble if this hack is used for anything else apart from monetary gains. Crypto accounts like CZ, Binance, Kucoin, Coinbase, Carlie Lee, Gemini and more were also hacked | Cardano ADA to commence staking later this year releases a staking calculator for the #Shelley testnet, so you can estimate what your rewards could be | #QuarkChain community member achieves 1,000,000 TPS. To explore the new height of blockchain performance and let more #QKC enthusiasts participate in #blockchain systems design, they will hold the 3rd TPS competition in 2020 Q4! QuarkChain also reached in-depth technical cooperation with AWS and launched an Enterprise of the high-performance and highly flexible "Blockchain as a Service" (BaaS) one-stop application platform on AWS. QuarkChain announced a strategic cooperation with an ecological department under a Chinese government. We will work on developing an Environmental Governance Platform on Blockchain, which will be used for construction resource management and trading | DeFi is coming to the Ecosystem! #COMP #DeFi #Compound COMP is now listed on the App. Buy and sell #COMP now at true cost with bank transfer and credit card | Kyber Network KNC 50% off Syndicate 6% interest on APP | #Kyber Networks KyberDAO is now LIVE! Katalyst and @KyberDAO are now LIVE! This milestone marks the beginning of an exciting era for Kyber, with a new decentralized governance system and technical improvements that will enhance liquidity for #DeFi ! 

01:02 Market Update 
01:36 Twitter Hack and Bitcoin Scam 
05:02 Cardano ADA Staking Calculator 
06:43 QuarkChain Updates 
09:32 Defi and 
11:04 Kyber Network Updates 


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Lucas S
17 Jul

Anyone else think that ADA might take a little bit of a dive coming up later on this year? Well, perhaps before the staking releases, not after haha


Sohail Nawaz
16 Jul

That's  a precious post with good news

Thanks for sharing these valuable information 

It will help all the uptrendians


Muhammad Hamza
16 Jul

good information you shivering very helpful for me


preview not available Timo Thee
20 Jul

It seems like we have seen Biden's first and last pro-bitcoin tweet.


I wonder what short term effects this will have on the cryptosphere.


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