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18 Oct
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How To Write An OC Post IF You Don't Know Writing In English

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Imran Khosa 5 months ago

A good article bro. Some frndz already using this. But I think Google translate is not a perfect source to convert your article into English. As mostly Google misplace the words order in a sentence

Mohammad Imran 5 months ago

Thanks for giving your opinion, I have already mentioned in my post that it is not 💯% guarantee that it will convert your content accurately. But having nothing to have something is better.

Omer Farooq Farooq 5 months ago

Nice one sir you have given good idea to the people now I hope people will try to make OC posts.

Mohammad Imran 5 months ago

It's my pleasure that you appreciated my idea, now please do try. It will be helpful for you. 

Itliker Shadda 5 months ago

Google traslate is really helpfull for article writing. we can translate 103 language into each other

Mohammad Imran 5 months ago

Thanks you like the tip and translating 103 languages is really an awesome facility. 

Mohammad Imran 5 months ago

No doubt, it will increase the OC writers on uptrennd. Thanks 

Shafique Ahmad 5 months ago

This is helpful info now  easy to write oc

Mohammad Imran 5 months ago

Yes, thanks for liking the tip.







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