How to stop procrastinating?

Sometimes, we don't want to feel the pressure of studies, and keep delaying it as long as we can, but on a bigger picture, it actually is increasing the pressure in future. So how to start working today and motivate our to do so? I'm listing down some ways you can act upon, to cope with this habit.

🍁Eliminate the distraction that don't let you focus. If you think your phone is not letting you study, turn it off and put if aside. Use apps that block your notifications so you don't open your whatsapp when you're studying.

🍁Use your strength and strong points. If you learn better by listening, listen to video lectures, if you learn by watching, search for the animated videos, if writing is your strong point, make your own notes. Do whatever makes you learn better.

🍁Set deadlines for yourself, and set punishments at the end, like leaving phone, or cutting off on some of your free time or giving up on some hobby. If you're unable to complete your task by the deadline, punish yourself with small things.

🍁Work when you feel most elert. If you're active at day, and you waste that time in using phone, and plan to study at night, you will obviously procrastinate, and keep delaying your work on future. So use your most active time, to do what needs more energy.

🍁Save time and seek help from experienced people. There will be many people around you, who have gone through what you're finding difficult. Ask them for their advice. Get your books marked. Do important exam-related stuff first.

🍁Get inspired. Keep stuff that inspires you nearer to you. Be it pictures of who you admire the most, or some motivational qoutes. For example I keep some affirmative notes with my books to work with more dedication, that say I can do this, I've got it covered, I'll get where I want to be etc. Put stuff that helps you work more efficiently.

🍁Appreciate your progress.No matter how small it is, reward yourself for it. If we don't manage to reach the deadline one day, we often delay it the other day too. So, to leave this habit, reward yourself whenever you do something, even if it is not as great as you wanted it to be.

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preview not available Dotun Awosika
26 Jan

As much as procrastination is very much obstructive to achieving new personal growths, we continue to indulge, unfortunately. 

My best tactic is to schedule time for all I need to do per day and sticking to the list accordingly. 


Mr.Oxman Oxi
26 Jan

absolutely right we should try to focus on our study and if we think our phone is creat a disturbance in our study then we should try to off 📴 and put in outside 

Always focus on your Target Don't waste your time 


Hameed khan
26 Jan

No doubt procrastination is one of the major hurdle in.our sucess.

Strong will power is one which can kill procrastination.beside this aim of the day also can kill procrastination


Okasha Khan
26 Jan

Time is the key to Success So don't waste your time in useless activities.  Just focus on Study. I know nowadays,  Mobile phone is necessary for us. So use mobile in positive and the most important don't use a mobile phone during Study. 

You are right Switch off the Notifications during Study. Notifications always disturb us that's why we can't focus on study. 


Anthony Eri
26 Jan

These are indeed good tips you have shared with us that can help overcome procrastination. Very insightful and educative! Your article will really be a source of help to people who procrastinate a lot. Personally, I never procrastinate! I love getting things done at the right time!!


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