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16 May
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How to Source your Image

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Abiodun Oguntuyi 2 weeks ago

thanks oxygen, I don't know how to do this before. most especially how to use that source image. I will practice this in my post. thanks for sharing.

Oxygen O2 2 weeks ago

You can now make adjustment in your next post.

Ademujimi Ifedayo 2 weeks ago

Thanks for putting this up man as it will help the newbies and those that don't know how to source image in other to avoid image plagiarism. You're effort is commendable 

Oxygen O2 2 weeks ago

Thanks for the compliment brother, we need to bring standard to the platform with all efforts.

kolobeJohannes Mafalo 2 weeks ago

Wonderful lesson here my brother, it will benefit a lot of us, surely and slowly there are lessons everywhere for people to learn, and also uptrenndians need to learn that not every picture on internet is a free source.
We must use free source images also, with that permission from the owner.

Muneeb Choudhry 2 weeks ago

Bundle of thanks for sharing this.

I didn't know this but I am searching for this topic.

Thanks man👍❤️

Can you please do me a favour 🙄

I've to know that how to add more than one picture in our post as you do from mobile.

Muneeb Choudhry 2 weeks ago

Thankew Oxygen.

Very much thankful I'm

This was my greatest problem but it is not more because of you.

Again very thankews❤️

🎖Mr Ralph 2 weeks ago

Am guilty of this sometimes ... Because of laziness ..

Now i fear the punishment u just said ...

God save me !!!

Thanks Oxygen !

Oxygen O2 2 weeks ago

Make sure you always do man, it doesn't take much time.







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