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How to program ourselves for success?

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Jeff Kirdeikis 1 month ago

YESS! Such an important and powerful post.

Asking the right questions leads to the right results!!

"What would it take to ______" I feel is such a pivotal question in our lives as you mention. It allows us to set goals and make tangible action steps to achieve them.

By the way your posts are always 🔥and I look forward to them every time

Jan Bouda 1 month ago

I really recommend the teachings of Christie Marie Sheldon, it helped me a lot personally. Thanks for your comment.

Acheampong Emmanuel 1 month ago

Success is created in the mind but its accomplishment can be possible through hard work and determination! Thanks for your sharing your great ideology on success with us!

Jan Bouda 1 month ago

Emmanuel, thanks a lot. What I learned, it isn’t only through hard work but also the way our efforts are focused. 

Juliet Mafi 1 month ago

Nice article Jan, thank for sharing. It very important to buid of mind for success. 

Jan Bouda 1 month ago

Exactly Juliet, that's the point.

Mohammad Wasi 1 month ago

Thanks Jan for sharing such a creative and educational article as you explain that achieved any goal in life that self confident very important I also totally agree with you good job keep it up.

Jan Bouda 1 month ago

Hi Mohammad, it always starts with us, thanks for your feedback.

Prince Ulrich 1 month ago

This article is all about positivity. What I learned is that if we want success, we have to replace negative thoughts with positive ones. And a positive vision is necessary in order to carry a positive action. 

Jan Bouda 1 month ago

Positivity instead of thoughts coming from the environment fueled by mass media, that’s the key.







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