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How to MAXIMIZE Your Uptrennd and Social Media Strategy

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Itliker Shadda 3 days ago

you have greatly explained everything.... Twitter for influencer and facebook wastage of time.. Uptrennd is my favourite social of all the time..

Omar Faridi 3 days ago

Great I am gladd you feel the same way!

Omer Farooq Farooq 3 days ago

Yes itliker Uptrennd is best of all because we reward back of our work and time alongwith we use these popular social platforms like Facebook to post on their groups and try to know about Uptrennd to the world so they join hurry with large numbers.

Saqib Ajmal 3 days ago

you have great experience ..its very useful information thanks 

Mohammad Abdullah 3 days ago

Very knowledgefull and helpful post. 

Very well explanation.

Omar Faridi 3 days ago

thank you, I appreciate the feedback!

Haroon Oktar 3 days ago

Very good post thanks 

joyce rebecca ruvare 3 days ago

Actually the Twitter writers seem to know much and it scares newbies a little bit,they write complex things, using complex language.  With uptrennd you get to interact and seek understanding of a certain topic about anything being written about and anyone can capture an audience, it's far better

Omar Faridi 3 days ago

yes that can happen too, but still it's quite negative when they start fighting with each other over which coin is the best


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