How to Maximize the Impact of Your Uptrennd Post

The past week has seen a lot of people who are wishing they were getting more upvotes on their posts. 2UP Tuesday a few days back brought that to the forefront as users sought to capitalize on the double point bonus that was active for 24 hours. When there are opportunties like the 2x bonus, or just on any given day, a high-quality post can make all the difference in how you view your earning experience for that day.

There are many ways in which users can polish up there posts, but here are a few ways that virtually anyone can do! A little work,polish and shine, and your post will be one of the one in the trending feed, provided you have a good topic to discuss! Let's dive into it...

1. Research your Topic: 

The more you know about what your write about, whether through research or experience, the more thorough your post will be. Think about what you want to say before starting your post. Your topic should be relevant to the news or community that you are posting in. 

2. Make the Format Easy to Read:

If you have a lot to say, break it up into paragraphs. If sentence structure is all jammed together, is doesn't look appealing and is more difficult for others to read. If you are writing a long article, consider using an outline to help break the subjects into definable sections. This is helpful if you are putting a lot of information into the post.

3. Re-read and Spellcheck Your Post: 

After you have finished writing, go back and read your post again. Often we will find something that can be changed to read more smoothly, or spelling errors (I know firsthand). This is true for any writing, whether for Uptrennd, work or classes. Take a short break and then come back. Perhaps you will have thought of something new to say. Maybe you see that weird sentence structure on the second read though. Regardless, check your work.

4. Come Up with a Good Title:

 This can make the difference between people clicking on your post or passing by. This is one of the first impressions, and one of the most important.

5. Find a Relevant Image for the Post:

 This is the second important impression of your post, so the image should relate to your post and be eye-catching at the same time. Imagery is important and can evoke thought and emotion.

6. Make Sure to Cite Your Sources:

 This is important for Uptrennd, as everything you post can be monetized. If you borrow from another article, cite the source. If you use an image that you didn't create or take, cite the source. These can be done by using the Hyperlink button and linking the source.

7. Select the Correct Community:

This is also important! Users can select a certain community if they are looking for a subject the specifically want to read, and if your high-quality one is in there, they can easily find it. This will also help avoid the bot deducting 5 points for placing something in the incorrect community. No one wants that, right?!

8. If you Have Questions, ask Your VA's!

I hope this helps you improve you posts on Uptrennd and reach the earning goals you have. We have a wonderful opportunity to create communities here and make positive changes in people's lives, including our own. Now it's up to us to get out there and get to work at creating something awesome.

Keep on Uptrennding!!

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aloha dreamer
27 Feb

Hey Lucas!  Great Article!  Personally, when I write a post, especially one that requires a lot of scientific or technical knowledge, I use the skills I learned in college to write papers. Man, I used to spend hours gathering all the information I needed.

I think the only tool that you left out would be to create an outline, which helps to make the article flow and helps you decide how you want to build each paragraph on top of another in such a way that you naturally draw the final conclusion.


preview not available Lucas S
27 Feb

Agreed, although I was thinking more along the lines of short articles. However, an outline for any article of length would need an outline for sure! I did the same, wrote an outline then structured and rearranged around it as needed. It helps organize thoughts and keep the flow.

Although I didn't write many scientific papers, I have several relatives that fo this as part of their work on a regular basis. I know their outlines are a huge part of their papers. Thanks for your input, I'll edit the post!


Bushra Bukhari
27 Feb

Well defined your point.


preview not available javier arturo pulido andueza
27 Feb

Thank you for giving us such important advice, I will keep them in mind so that my publications are more attractive. It is good to have people with as much experience as you willing to help others so that we can improve our work in Uptrennd


preview not available Kamran Akbar
27 Feb

Impact of title has  decreased because we can't even differentiate between title and description without opening the post. I think there should be some change 


preview not available Lucas S
27 Feb

I think popular demand will institute a change in the near future. Very popular question


BOI Income Blog
27 Feb

This is what I call a high-quality post!

Many people think that they will post more and earn more but that's not it. Firstly, you have to be real about what you're talking about and use your unique voice. Then, if you're consistent, you will be heard! Also - you have to use the tips described in this post!

Thank you for the morning read! Have a nice day ahead!


preview not available Lucas S
28 Feb

I think you said it right, be real about what you talk about. When we care about the subject it is visible to the reader


moon333 Atif Akbar
27 Feb

I always post what I am expert in but i am really weak to choose right title for my article







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