How to know the details of your muted Telegram account;

Hello to all...!

Well we all know that Uptrennd is a life changing platform and it serves those people so much who serve it in return.

Uptrennd is the best platform where we can openly talk about our creativity and show the other talented side of ours. And for that purpose, many different communities are there to give you a chance to show which type of content creator you are.

We all Uptrenndians are fully aware of how much Telegram is important to us because all our respected Guardians are there 24/7 available to solve every problem you got during using Uptrennd. Many Uptrennd groups have been made for that purpose so that people make the use of these groups by solving their problems related to Uptrennd.

Well people who are the telegram users are fully aware of one word that is "Mute". We often see people get muted from the Uptrennd groups of someone reports them and those people even don't know the reason of its mute. 

Mute is of several types, as it can be of one day one week, two weeks or for one month according to how many times you have been muted. 

Mute is done when you break some rules that were against the telegram group's policy but I have also seen this factor that people mutes others just out of jealousy or those whom they don't like and this way some innocent people also gets muted without knowing the reason.

So what to do if you are muted and you don't know that for how long I will be muted.

Well, there is a solution to that problem. There is a bot available Every time for those who wants to know the details of their mute. Here is the link of that bot.

How it works 

First of all, you have to click the above link to reach the bot directly and there will a pop up message arrive, like that;

preview not availableAfter reading the whole message, you have to click on the start button so that you can continue the process.

preview not availableIf you are mute then this message will arrive that you are remove from all telegram groups from now and you will be released till this date and this time. Just like that;

preview not availableIf you want to know about the reason of your mute then you can further write, 'Why was I reported?" The answer of your question will appear like that;

preview not available Further, if you want to know the current status of your telegram account (mute or released) so you will follow the same process like /start and then a message will appear that your account is free from any mute. Just like this

preview not available

So here is all about this bot, if you want to know further you can DM me.


Other images are screenshots



Arslan đŸ‡”đŸ‡°
27 Nov

I appreciate your effort maha this article is very useful for newbies 

You write this article so beautifully...

Good work   


Amal Fatima
27 Nov

I didn't know about this bot before but thanks to you who guided us step by step 🙂

This bot is very helpful for knowing the reason why you are muted 🙂

I understand it if I have any query I definitely asked from youâ˜ș


Saviour Essien
27 Nov

Thanks for this information is quite useful. 

I never knew all this on telegram to be sincere. 


Fiha Shah
27 Nov

@Maha You did a great job I admire it. I want to know why I'm muted on groups but through your post, my problems are resolved.🙌

Thanks a lot for this effort đŸ’«

Keep Growing ✹ 

Stay Blessed😇


Muhammad Sajid
27 Nov

A very informative post. It's useful for many Uptrenndians who don't know about it. Thank you for sharing it. 







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