How to have a good memory

• Keeping a good memory allows us to save memories, knowledge, skills and experiences that we live. In the study and at work it is necessary to use memory to retain the data necessary for projects or tests. Therefore, it is imperative to maintain a good memory. I will give you some tips that will help you a lot:

✓Have a healthy diet. Eating a good diet allows your brain to better handle the energy it needs for a good memory.

✓You have to do exercises, Playing sports helps oxygenate the brain and circulate blood better. You can do something as simple as a 30 minute walk to something more demanding like martial arts.

✓Stress should be avoided. Although it sounds almost impossible, determine what are the causes of stress in your life and try to separate yourself. You can do yoga or meditate to reduce stress.

✓Getting involved, spending it with your loved ones, friends, even meeting new people helps the memory. Remembering faces, conversations, and topics is a great exercise.

✓Learn a new language or take an online course, this will allow you to exercise your brain and have new skills.

✓Use an agenda. Memory will always need help and nothing better than taking notes. It is good to put all the relevant information in an agenda so as not to lose it.

✓Traveling and seeing new places will help you exercise your memory and fight stress. We can remember facts about countries and customs that we learned in school and birthdays without the help of facebook or without an agenda.

✓Reading a new book opens doors to different worlds, new situations, and helps cultivate our imagination.

✓Take advantage of technology and also download game apps to speed up your memory.

¿And what good ideas do you have to help us have a better memory?




Jamiu Salihu
09 Sep

This is eye catching and mind blowing tips you have shared here. Thank you for this valuable information.


Jonathan Rojas
09 Sep

I am very grateful and happy that everything I publish is in order to help many to lead a better life. I love to add value. And thank you for positively evaluating my work Jamiu 😉


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