How to Get More Ads on Brave Mobile Follow the 3 Steps And Earn More Bat Tokens Using Brave Browser

Here's a fast tip for those of you utilizing BRAVE on your mobile on the off chance that you need to get more Ads and ideally increment your income! Follow the 3 steps below

🦁 Try the Brave Browser:

Step 1 Enable Brave Ads

Do as in the screenshot below

  • Click to view details

  • Create 5 Ads per hour for maximum number of ads displayed

Step 2 Turn on Brave notifications


  • Click on the upper right 3 dots

  • Click to setting

  • Turn everything on as in the photo below


Step 2 Turn on brave rewards

  • First head to your BRAVE settings:

  • Then scroll down a bit and click the BRAVE Rewards option:

  • And then enable the show ads when brave is not in use option:

Furthermore, that is it! Simple peasy. Presently be cautioned, this can get truly irritating! I get at any rate 5-6 message pop-ups ordinarily since I found this a couple.days back!

Odds are you will get significantly more in the event that you are from the US or a nation that bolsters all the more advertisement distributers. What's more, these notices couldn't care less in the event that you are sleeping or what not, so make a point to place your telephone in don't upset mode when you don't be upset by them!

🦁 Try the Brave Browser:







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