How to Embed a Video from YouTube or Other Video Platforms Into Your Post

This post is intended to be a guide for users that want to put videos into their posts!

Uptrennd has temporarily discontinued the direct video upload onto the platform, which will actually help relieve some of the congestion we all experience some days, like on 2UP Tuesdays.


This leaves some users in a bind as to how they can put their videos into their posts.

Have no fear! There is an easy solution!

There are several video content platforms that you can create or upload a video to:

  1. YouTube


  3. Vimeo

These are some of the more widely used platforms for those who want to create and upload their video content for use online, although there are more. The great thing is, each of these platforms has a feature you can select to SHARE the video, and when selected it gives an option to EMBED the video link. 

This is what we want to do!

I have used a YouTube video as the example for the following walk-through. Don't worry, it's fairly simple and if you have the video uploaded already, these step will take you less than a minute! Just follow the step-by-step guide and you'll be a pro in no time.

Step 1:

Select the Video you want to add to you post. From there you want to find the SHARE button

Step 2: 

Click on the EMBED option

Step 3: 


Step 4: 

Open your Uptrennd post and select the HTML EDITOR button

Step 5: 

Paste the copied EMBED LINK into the post wherever you would like the video to be

Step 6: 

You've done it! Now you have the video embedded into your post! You can center the video or have it to either side, which you can adjust by using the text editor buttons in the post toolbar.


That wasn't too hard! Once you've done this once or twice it will be a piece of cake and will take you less than a minute to add it in. Embedding video is a great way to spice up your post, and you can even create a story line through video, once clip at a time, if you wanted to.

So, have fun with it! 

This is a great way to quickly add in video and not have to wait for it to upload to Uptrennd like before it was disabled. 

I'll look forward to seeing your posts, and please leave any questions you have in the comment section. I'd love to hear how it goes for you as well!

And as always...

Keep on Uptrennding!

Image sourced from ​PEXELS FREE IMAGES​​​



Wajiha Fawad
02 Jun

Wow thank youu so much for the guidance. Its really easy,  after trying we will also learn to do it. 

Today i was wondering about asking and you have already uploaded 😍


preview not available Lucas S
02 Jun

Glad I could be of some help!


Malik Nomair
02 Jun

Thanks sir For amazing guideline their is also picture size problem shown today please make a post on it 


preview not available Lucas S
02 Jun

What sort of problem are you having?


Sajjad Khalid
02 Jun

thanks for sharing very informative posts with us 

hopefully this will help the new uptrenndians like me


Noor Afrin
02 Jun

Thanks Sir for this opportunity ♥️

Yes embedding videos is great is great way to spice up our post Thanks sir

We have fun with it


Kenneth Aigbuza
02 Jun

Thanks alot for sharing this.. Now I can follow this step to put a video on my post for the Uptrennnd got talent


preview not available Lucas S
02 Jun

Haha that's awesome! Just in time!







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